I don’t want to be a mum: Parul Yadav

Bangalore: Every girl wants to be a mother too. But Sandalwood actress Parul Yadav has said, “I don’t want to be a mother.” ALSO READ: Hathras is not raping a young woman – IG who made a shocking statement

Yes, a young woman from Hathras village in Uttar Pradesh, who was recently raped, has died. Also, the police performed the funeral of the late night police who showed the daughter’s face to the parents. There is outrage across the country. Many people, including actor-actresses, have been outraged about the incident via social media. ALSO READ: Last time the daughter’s face didn’t show up: Hathras is the victim’s mother

Actress Parul Yadav, who is now a gangrape victim, has said she does not want to become a mother. The actress tweeted, “Being a mother is a summary of femininity. But today I don’t want to be a mum. It is very difficult for a woman to say this. But I swear I renounce my motherhood. ”

Also, “What if my child is pregnant? This country is bad for women everywhere, ”he wrote on Twitter.

“The latest example of this is the horrific incident at Hatras. The reasons may be different. But there will always be trouble for women. She can’t escape it, ”actress Parul Yadav said of the atrocity on women.

The Hathras case?

On the 14th of this month, the young woman went to the farm to raise grass with her mother. The four ghosts have dragged her and raped her. She also cut off her tongue, severely damaging her spine and sword. The young woman, who was seriously injured in the attack, was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. But she died two weeks after the incident as she was being treated.

As the news of the young woman’s death spread, there has been much outrage across the country. A shout has been heard from all corners of the country to hang the accused. In the meantime, the brother of the Uttar Pradesh police has seriously charged that the body of the young woman has been shifted from the hospital without her knowledge. The father and brother of the young woman were protesting. The brother also complained that the police carried the dead body in a black Scorpio car before we knew it.


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