If you apply a screen guard on a smartphone, be careful, otherwise it may cost thousands

If you put a screen guard on your smartphone, it is important that you read this news. In fact when we installed the screen guard, we now feel that our phone screen is secure. But the truth is that it is not so. The truth is that if you use screen guards, it can prove very dangerous. Yes, if you use a third party screen protector, it can be harmful to smartphone health.

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Learn the reason behind this
According to a recent report, two sensors on the modern smartphones ambient light sensor and proximity sensor are hidden under the display. You don’t see either of these sensors near the receiver on the right side of the phone’s screen. This way, when we place the screen guard on the phone to protect the screen, it blocks the sensor. This will not make your screen reactive. In that case, you will stop receiving calls on your smartphone. Also, in-display fingerprint scanner may not work properly due to the use of third party screen guards.

What should be done to avoid the disadvantages of the screen guard?
So if you need to install a screen guard, you should use a branded screen protector. On the other hand, it is better to buy a screen protector of the same brand from a smartphone company, because smartphone companies know where the sensor is placed. This is because smartphone manufacturers make screen protectors accordingly.

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Ambient light and proximity mobile sensors are ideal for this
There are many types of sensors on the phone. One of these is the ambient light sensor. Ambient light will automatically increase the phone’s light, depending on sunlight. At the same time, if the phone is in low-light space, then the phone’s light will automatically decrease. When the proximity mobile sensor takes the phone to your ear, its light turns off, and when you remove it, the light turns on again. It happens.

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