If you can’t remember a friend’s birthdays, follow this trick of WhatsApp, the message goes off automatically without any tension

WhatsApp is an important part of everyone’s life nowadays. WhatsApp is used by people of all ages today. But despite spending a lot of time on WhatsApp, people are aware of many special features in WhatsApp. However, we will not let you go away from the special features of WhatsApp. Today in this issue we are giving you information about trick related to WhatsApp. This way you can easily schedule messages. This feature is most useful for friends and relatives to wish for their birthday and anniversary. Often we forget about the special events of many of our special people, but now with this WhatsApp trick, your job will be easier too.

Without remembering this trick, you can message at 12pm. This feature is currently not officially available on WhatsApp. But this trick can be used through a third party app. This third party app helps you schedule messages on WhatsApp. The time you want, your message will go away automatically. So let us tell you how you can make this messaging schedule.

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How To Schedule On Android Phone
>> Go to Google Play Store and download SKEDit.
After opening SKEDit, you must first sign up for it.
After signing up, tap WhatsApp from the main menu.
Some permission has to be given after this. Now click Enable Access, then go to SKEDit and toggle on. After that you have to tap Allow.
>> Then go back to the app, where you’ll be able to schedule your messages.
Below you will see the final toggle now. Here you will see the option of ask me before sending. If you schedule it by turning it on, you will be sent a notification before the message is sent, just after you click this message. If you turn it off, this message will be sent without sending a notification.

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How To Schedule On iPhone
>> First go to the Apple App Store and download the shortcuts app on iPhone.
Now select the Automation tab. Now click on the + icon in the upper right corner and tap Create Personal Automation.
Tap the time of day to schedule whenever you want to send your message. Next, tap Next.
Now go to Ad Action and type the text in the search bar. Now select the text from the list below and type your message by going to the text.
Now you will see the + icon at the bottom of the message box, tap on it then go to the search bar and search for WhatsApp.
Here you will see some list. Select Message by WhatsApp and tap on the screen when finished.

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