If you don’t have a photo in Aadhaar, do this and this is an easy way to change the photo without any hassle

Aadhaar card is the most important document for every person living in India. Without Aadhaar, any child will have trouble getting into a school. In many places where Aadhaar is needed, our worst photo is on Aadhaar card. If you are one of those who is not happy with the photo on your Aadhaar card, we will now end your anxiety. If you think that changing a photo in Aadhaar is a difficult task, let us know that it is not. Today we are telling you how to easily change your existing photo on Aadhaar card without giving any documents.

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This is an easy process to change a photo in Aadhaar

For this, you must first go to the Get Aadhaar section of the official website of UIDAI (uidai.gov.in) and download the Aadhaar Registration Form or Amendment / Renewal Form.

>> Fill this form in full and give it to the executives sitting at the Aadhaar Permanent Registration Center.

After this you now need to give your biometric details to the executive. If you do not want to download the form, you will get it in the center.

After this, an employee of the Aadhaar Registration Center will click on your live image.

For a photo replacement you will have to pay Rs 50 for a center that includes taxes.

Upon payment, you get an acknowledgment slip, which contains the Update Request Number (URN). You can check the updated status of Aadhaar card using URN.

>> After updating your photo on Aadhaar card, you can download Aadhaar online only.

You do not need to carry your
Note that you do not need to know about your photograph to update the photograph on the Aadhaar card. The officer at the registration center will take your photo by itself. According to UIDAI, a person with an Aadhaar card is required to visit the Aadhaar Center for this work. It can take up to 90 days to update the photograph on the Aadhaar card.

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After updating the photo in Aadhaar, sit down and download it at home
1. After processing the photo change request in Aadhaar, you can easily download the updated Aadhaar card online.

2. You need to visit UIDAI portal to download updated Aadhaar card.

3. Here you can choose to download any Aadhaar Card or Mask Aadhaar Card and download it and keep it safe with you.

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