If you have transferred the money to the wrong bank account, then do this job and you will get all the money back.

This era is online banking, but due to Corona, the use of the online banking system is very high. Today, sitting at home, we are able to transfer money to whomever we want. But this feature is easy to risk. There have been many such cases when people are in a hurry to transfer the money to the wrong bank account and face change. In fact, there is often a mistake in entering the account number in a hurry, so that the money you earn hardly reaches the account of the stranger. Today we have solved your problem, today we are telling you the way to get your money back even if you send money to the wrong account. So let’s know what this method is:

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Money can be returned this way
If you accidentally send money to someone else’s account, you must immediately notify your bank by phone or email. Based on your information, the bank will tell the bank whose account money has been transferred incorrectly. The bank asks the person for permission to return the money that has been transferred incorrectly.

At the same time, the RBI’s guidelines state that if money is mis-deposited into someone else’s account, your bank should take action as soon as possible. Bank arrangements are required to return the money from the wrong account to the correct account. If the recipient accepts the money, the money will be returned to your account within 7 working days.

There is another legal way to get your money back. Anyone whose money has been misappropriated and refuses to return, can file a court case against him. However, if the money is not refunded, this claim comes in the wake of violation of RBI rules.

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Keep these things in mind when transferring money online
A slight mistake in the account number can cost you a lot. So, whenever you enter details when transferring money, check it again. Before transferring a large amount it is best to transfer the small amount and check if it is going to the correct account.

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