If you have trouble breathing, then lie down on your stomach and know what is ‘affected’

The Union Ministry of Health has recommended ‘pruning’ for home care of coronavirus patients, saying it is most beneficial for patients with respiratory problems. Especially patients living in isolation at home. Pruning is the process of moving the patient from back to abdomen precisely and safely so that he is in a downward facing position.

“Pruning is a medically acceptable posture, which improves breathing comfort and oxygen levels,” the ministry document said. Covid-19 is very beneficial for patients with shortness of breath, especially during isolation at home. ‘This posture improves air movement, opens lung air sacs and facilitates breathing,’ the ministry said.

“Pruning is required only when the patient has difficulty breathing and SPO2 (oxygen saturation) is below 94,” the document said. In addition to monitoring SPO2 continuously, it is also important to monitor temperature, blood pressure and blood sugar during isolation at home.

Symptoms may worsen if oxygen is not circulated properly in the blood. Littering and ventilation on time can save many lives. However, the ministry warned them not to lie flat on the stomach an hour later and said this should only be done as often as they can tolerate.