If you want to save your Aadhaar, PAN and driving license from being lost or stolen, keep it safe here, no one will be able to put your hand up.

Aadhaar, PAN Card and Driving License are very important documents related to the life of the common people. If these documents are lost, you may find it difficult to recover them. That is why it is so important for all of us to keep these records handy. If you want to save your Aadhaar, PAN and driving license or any other important document from being lost or stolen, we are telling you a special way. Securing documents is easy in today’s digital age. Government of India has also released a special AAP. The name of this app is DigiLocker or Digital Locker. An app that can keep your documents safe and secure. Let’s learn all about it:

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How to create an account in DigiLocker
First go to digilocker.gov.in or Digitallocker.gov.in first.

>> After that click on Sign up on the right.

A new page opens where you enter your mobile number.

This DigiLocker then sends the OTP to the mobile number you entered, which is entered.

Then set your username and password.

Now you can use DigiLocker.

DigiLocker App You can download and use from Google’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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How to upload documents in DigiLocker

Login to DigiLocker

>> Go to Uploaded Documents on the left and click Upload.

>> Write a short description about the document.

>> Then click the Upload button.

How secure is the Digi Locker?
If we talk about Digi Locker security, Digi Locker is as secure as our bank account or net banking. Please tell us that we need to create user ID and password in Digi Locker. After that we should link it with our Aadhaar card. We also need to register our mobile number with this. After all this is done you will create your account in Digi Locker.

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