If you’re using WhatsApp, don’t make these mistakes, otherwise you could be in big trouble

The instant messaging platform WhatsApp is an important part of everyone’s life today. This is because this op has taken a place in the lives of all of us. The advantages of WhatsApp are many, but this app has many disadvantages. We know a lot about the advantages of WhatsApp but not about the disadvantages. In such a situation, it is important that you take care of a few things when using WhatsApp. Today we are talking about some of these mistakes related to WhatsApp, you can save your personal details from leaking and avoid going to jail without doing it on WhatsApp. Tell us in detail about these mistakes:

Never save the number of unknown people
Many times we save the number of a cab, delivery boy or any service person at that time and then forget to delete it. In such a situation, on WhatsApp, that person sees our status from our profile picture. In such a situation, our information will go to those people. That is why never save the number of strangers.

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Never send porn videos, you can be put in jail
Sharing pornographic content on WhatsApp can bother you. If someone reports your account on WhatsApp, WhatsApp may ban your account and file a police complaint according to its policy. In such a situation, a porn clip will make you go to jail.

Never put too much information in a profile photo
Everyone can see your profile photo, whether or not someone is in touch with you. In such a situation, it is important to be careful when putting your photo on WhatsApp. You should avoid putting a photo that looks like the name of a society or your own society, and don’t click a photo next to a car or bike that looks like your car-bike number.

Enable the required two-step verification
This is a very important feature of WhatsApp. Through a two-step verification, you must set a 6-digit pin. This PIN is required to login to WhatsApp with your number on any new device. Also, this pin can be heard in the middle. In this age of cyber fraud, enable two-step verification of WhatsApp.

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Do not forward such messages
We continue to receive many messages on WhatsApp. Before you forward any information or news, make sure it is not fake news. In addition, many duplicate links are forwarded in the name of free offers and government projects. Avoid pushing them. Other than this, do not send messages promoting hate-speech against any religion or community.

Check your WhatsApp status privacy settings
When you enter a status, don’t share it with everyone, only share it with your friends and family members. Because the number of such people is saved on our phone, there is no need to share the status with them.

Turn off auto backup
WhatsApp has an auto-backup feature that backs up your messages to Google Drive or iCloud. However, it is worth noting that once the message is reached here, if someone hacks your Google or Apple account, they can get your chat. So it is always best to export the chat and save it in a safe place.

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