IIT-ISM Appointment 2021: Recruitment Notification for many posts of IIT Dhanbad, see details

IIT-ISM Recruitment 2021: IIT-ISM Dhanbad has released the recruitment notification for various posts of ACIC Company under a complete temporary recall. Interested candidates can apply till May 15. The three young professionals include the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Account Executive, Managerial Innovation, Managerial Planning and Operation. The recruitment process will be completed online. IIT ISM Dhanbad has taken another step towards promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among students and teachers. IIT Dhanbad ACIC has set up the Atal Community Innovation Center (ACIC) under Section Eight of a company named IIT ISM Foundation. The company will be funded by NITI Aayog and IIT Dhanbad for the next five years.

Experts say that IIT Dhanbad has advertised for a temporary appointment in this regard. The post of CEO is three years. 65,000 per month. The CEO must lead all the functions of the incubator under the ACIC, design the strategy, direct the strategy and other tasks.

IIT-ISM Recruitment 2021 Notice

Manager innovation and managerial planning and operational pay are set at Rs 50,000, while the salaries of account executives are set at Rs. At the same time, young professionals are paid a salary of 30 thousand rupees per month. The company will be headed by a board of directors. Recruiting to perform day-to-day activities for other posts, including the CEO. Various facilities will be provided to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and improve infrastructure.