Imli Serial Aditya breaks relationship with Aparna, Secrets related to open trails

Imli: Aditya breaks relationship with Aparna

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Aditya has made a mistake, he wants to correct Aditya wants to improve the joke he has made by marrying both Malini and Imli but it is not that easy. You are watching updates related to the commentary of the TV show Special Program, we once again achieved the tremendous thought of Star Plus, no one did.

Aditya has so much love for tamarind in his heart, he wants to bring love in front of everyone, he loves Malini and wants to tell everyone that he is his first wife but not ours anymore. You have to do all this for the sake of Deedi. Don’t think about us Malini. Start your life with Didi.

Malini has given a strong blow to her submissive tamarind cheek. Brother Malini will not leave a chance to humiliate the case and slap it so far that no one has come across it. He cannot tolerate it. You see Aditya making a big decision, but what do you think is the way it is now? Said Lee

France is getting a very good response and due to this, the makers are trying their best to entertain you all by bringing them one day after the other, but if you are regular in the story, then you must have seen the Tripathi family for Malini’s sake. The Tripathi family has sent the tamarind to Anu and Dev’s house for the sake of Malini, daughter-in-law of the house. Everyone from Ruby to Aparna remembers the tamarind but the family is also worried about Malini so the tamaris are returned home. People are not even thinking about bringing in the upcoming episodes, you will see a highvoltage drama where Aditya will be more angry than his mother will tell the final truth in front of his mother, you know everything repeatedly and constantly ask yourself. It is a matter of trouble to my son from Aditya, at least tell him, what is the matter that is bothering you so much, what is the matter that has caused Adi to become so upset, etc., he tried so hard to read. To tell but nothing has been told till now, in the coming episodes, you will see Aparna the whole truth right now. Taunt

Will decide to know this, has raised his hands on tamarind, Aditya in Anu will know that slapping tamarind pushed Anu on the ground and all these things Aditya will not be able to bear, all these things will take Aditya’s anger to the seventh sky. And this anger will be so much that not only will Aditya decide to bring Tamarind home again, but now Aditya will also say that it will happen here, but I will keep telling the whole family the truth of my and Delhi’s relationship and this Aditya will start the talk, in the truck coming ahead of his mother, you will see Aditya will be on his mother Aparna, he will tell Gupta very much, he will tell him very well that his reason is that there is so much to be said to the tamarind. From there, the tamarind has to slap Malini’s mother, after this, after furiously furious, she will tell that you know that Malini is your daughter-in-law, but you do not know at all that the tamarind is your own daughter-in-law, not Malini. Daughter-in-law, hearing the talk of Adi, did not understand that the ground will slide under Aparna’s feet.

To read what Akshay etc. is saying, after this, Aditya will say to his mother, listen carefully to what the mother is saying to you, do not get angry with us, but you will have to listen to what we are saying to you in a scandal. We and Tamarind were married at gunpoint and we loved Malini very much at that time, but now we know that we love tamarind Ma Malini can be our only and only good friend. Malini cares but loves only and only through tamarind, after hearing this confession of Aditya, the ground will slide under Aparna’s feet and could not understand that Adani’s Adi said this and then finally said whether or not listening to Aditya could lead to Aditya’s fire. The same strong slap on the cheek will take place and after this, half will say that the mother with Aparna, we can leave everything, we can leave our family, but we will not let anything go wrong with tamarind, but we are going to go back and tamarind who We will bring anything wrong with tamarind, we will not see anything at all, why will we try to explain why?

It will not come, now that he will act on all these things, what will be the response to all these things, half will break his relationship with Aparna and break his mouth from his own mother and go away from there.A revelation of Aditya taking back the tamarind every relationship. Now the story has to be seen about which TV serial Tamarind falls on, Aditya has decided that someone will like it or not, but he will not leave him at all and start his relationship with Tamarind In the story, Aditya of the new dress will break all his relationship with Aparna and leave Tamarind and will tell when I come back home only when the tamarind will be with me now to see what trust comes in the story Malini knows that habits Millie is in love with a couple but Malini does not know at what point the story of tamarind goes to India which is the turning point of Tamarind Aditya Malini’s life.

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