Imlie 11th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Imlie Kidnapped

Imlie 11th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Imlie Kidnapped

Tripathi’s family is getting ready for Aditya’s engagement and eagerly waiting for Imlee. Aditya says don’t take Imli, they are late. Imlee walks in sari and loud make-up. Aditya scolds her as the makeup is too loud. Aparna says she’s following other family members. Aditya gets a boss call. Aparna warned them not to take it because they were late for their engagement.

They pick up the call and say that we will arrive at the venue directly after the major work is completed. The family asks not to delay as everyone is waiting for him. The family reaches Anu’s farmhouse engagement site and is mesmerized by its size and decor. Pankaj says he will swatch his shoes and get into it. Aparna stops him and takes him away. Dev greets them.

Bade Papa apologizes for yesterday’s incident. He says he will tell his mother that next time he will join his Shiva puja. They smile. Anu walks towards him. They all greet her. Anu asks how the arrangement is. Anu says its amazing, she changed the world overnight. Anu says that one can do anything with money.

Imlee enters and thinks this house is a palace and the whole Pagdandia can stay in it. The servant looks at her and says the servants’ area is from the back door. Imli asks if he works here. They say yes. She tells him where she works but not here, she is now a guest here and he should treat her like a guest and get some tea. He asks that it be his father’s house. She says yes. Dev is nearby.

He walks away, shouting at her to stand aside. Imlee sees that the family is busy and thinks she has forgotten her, so it is best that she stay at the servant’s place. Dadi asks about Aditya. Pankaj says he has gone for some important work and is coming soon.

Anu says that even this time Aditya prefers a career over Malini. Aparna says it’s not like that. Malini enters that Aditya did not prioritize her career. Everyone laughs at her. Imlee looks at Malini’s jewelry and dress and then her jewelry and dress.

Aditya meets his boss, who has received the news of the trafficking of human trafficking and knows the special day of Aditya, but looking at his work in Satyakam, he wants to give him the first chance to cover up the news. Aditya agrees.

Malini asks Anu not to start today and if Aditya is gone he will arrive on time so they can enjoy all the rituals by heart. The family node is yes. Malini touches the feet of the elders, and they bless her and walk away with her. Imlee stood aside crying. Dev walks up to her and asks if she didn’t bring her weapons to Daku Bhura’s house. Imlee smiles and asks if the house was made of ducati money.

He thinks this girl reminds him of Mithi, Pagdandia is very young and she may know Mithi. Imlee asks if the Mira Bagh area is too big. Dev asks her why she wants to know. She says she wants to find her lover. Anu walks up to him and asks what he is doing here. Dev introduces Imli as her special guest. Anu asks her to meet her after the party and take Malini’s old clothes from her.

Imli gets bored when he hears it. Anu pulls Deva from there and walks into the Tripathi family and asks when Aditya will come. Pankaj says his son is like a hero who enters timely. Aparna says they can start the celebration. The family celebrates Malini. Imlee remembers her mother celebrating.

Malini emotionally hugs Anu, Dadi, and then Dev. Seeing Dev pampering Malini makes Emily feel numb and runs away. Malini touches the feet of the elders of the Tripathi family and takes her blessings.

She is not so bad as to cry for someone else’s father, she walks down the Imli road thinking she has her own father and will find him in this Mira Bagh. The vehicles are horny, and she gets caught in the road, then sideways and running. Human traffickers see her and ask her if she needs any help. She says she’s looking for her father who survives in Mira Bagh, but it’s too big; If they stay here.

They say yes, but people don’t know them well; She can go to the office where every resident’s data is available, they leave her in their temple. Imlee comes with him. The family looks for her and asks if anyone has seen the girl who came with them. The servant said she was here 30 minutes ago,

but then left. She thinks she knows no one else, no matter where she goes. Dhruv tries the landline of the house and says that Imli has not reached there. The goons throw Imli into the temple with the other girls who are abducted and take her to their cave. Anu insists on calling Aditya before Muhurath is exhausted. Pankaj calls Aditya but his phone is out of reach.

PreCap: Anu tells Aparna that Aditya has done what she wants, now it’s her turn and she is breaking up this engagement.