Imlie 15th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya addresses it to Malini

Imlie 15th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya addresses it to Malini – Aditya enters the house and sees the stranger having food on the ining table. He pleads with the girl to escape because no one can protect her. Imlee returns. Aditya asks what they are doing in their house on their ining table and asks them to go. They all thank him and run away. Adi asks why she always messes with his life. The family enters, fearing that Bede Papa asked him to serve the guests.

Aparna says that whoever came before the wedding, they ate it and even did it during Dhruv and Rupali’s wedding. The whole family supports her. Adi goes away. He relaxes and asks Imli who is that stranger and why he was running as he escaped from jail. Imlee says she was asked to feed the guests, who prepared the food and served the guests, but scolded instead.

The family consoles her, and Aparna asks Imli to relax as she sends Adi away. Rupali and Nidhi symbolize her, but Aparna continues to be her son Snobi and she somehow manages him today. Everybody looks at Adi. Aparna asks if he was standing in the past. They all tricked her and tried to save Imli, now Adi says that Imli cannot stay in this house and he will take her back to Pagdandia on the 15th.

In Pagdandya, Satyam shows a bus ticket to Mithi and says he is going to Delhi on the 15th to meet Imli. Mithi gets excited and tells her that she will take Imli’s favorite snacks and take Shagun to Aditya’s family. Rupali asks Adi whether she is angry at him. Says no. She tells him why he is sending Imly away from home.

They all force him not to do so. Adi says his decision is final. Aparna calls him and tells him that he will not go to Pagdandia on the 15th and instead go to Mira Bagh with Baarat to marry Malini. Adi smiles. She asks if he is happy. They say yes. Hearing that, Imlee sighed.

Anu Malini shows up with an expensive wedding card and guest gifts. Malini says they are good, but the whole wedding could have happened because of this expense. Anu asks why she is not happy with her choices. Dev says her marriage to Malini and her decision must be hers. The nanny says she must respect the mother’s wish and her passion.

Malini apologizes to Anu and says the card is innovative. Anu laughs and tells Dev that she must visit the Tripathi to give her marriage cards. Malini asks Dadi why Anu is with her today. The Dadi says that she is on the side of the truth and that they cannot be happy with their mother by dissatisfaction. They both bow to her.

Imlee takes Adi’s clothes to her room and says that Aparna has asked her to try them for a measure for her wedding sherwani. He puts it on and asks him to go because he is busy. She walked away. He closes the door. He always scolds her, asks if something is falling, she blames Adi’s room door open again.

He sees Kurt struggling to wear it and laughs that he looks like a scarecrow in the fields. He keeps falling and asks her to help him. She asks him to come closer to her as he orders her not to enter his room. He lets her go and she helps remove Kurta. Aparna says she clicked her picture and showed if there was any correction needed in Kurta.

She realizes that the camera is with Malini and she is too close to the truth, asks Imli to go, calls Malini and says that their families are meeting tonight and why they are not meeting at the coffee shop. She agrees. He asks to bring his camera. She thinks he wants to go on a date with her, but he wants to go with his camera, he is hiding how important that camera is. He says it’s very important and he wants to discuss some important stuff with her. She agrees.

Dev, Anu and Dadi visit Tripathi. Sunny asks Twinkle to get married too since she doesn’t have to share her room with him after she’s gone. The treasure scolds him, and Aparna asks Anu to forgive the children. Anu says that the children told the truth and asked to show Aditya’s room as she wanted to see if Malini could fit in there. Aparna agrees. Malini waits for Adi in the restaurant.

Adi walks in, and she gives him a hug and asks him what he wants to say. They tell the truth of the weakening of their legs after marriage. She says she wants to know if there should be any secret between husband and wife. He gives her the camera and asks her the truth. The Tripathi family takes Anu to Adi’s room. Imlee brings the juice and stops remembering Adi’s warning.

Anu throws out the tricks as usual and asks if they have a good room since Malini can’t match. Dev says that Adi is also in the room. Anu says that his servant’s quarters are even better compared to this room. Imlee intervenes and tells her daughter that she is lucky to get this room, she likes to stay in this room if given the chance, a room does not determine one’s happiness but one’s family, togetherness and love for each other; She does not come from this family, but being a servant gets a lot of love in this house, she puts her bahu on their eyebrows and gives the love of the whole world. Dev thinks she’s talking like Mithi, so she has to find out if she’s related to Imli.

P:recape: Aditya addresses it to Malini The villagers forced him to marry Imli and explain her whole incident. Malini sighed in horror