Imlie 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya keeps Malini home with family women

Imlie 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya keeps Malini home with family women – Aditya was busy in the office when Malini called him. He calls, she asks him if she remembers him, he says yes, he comes to her house, he asks what she is doing there, he is worried that Ma and Taiji call her to shop, Malini meets Imli and he try to find out about her . Malini walks inside. Aparna, Taiji, Nidhi, and Parul greet her and go well. Malini gives chokes to the children.

Imli sees Malini hiding behind a wall. Malini asks who she is. Rupa says she is Imlee, Aditya says she brought her from Pagdandia, Rupali Malini says Aditya’s wife and her Bhabhi. Malini recalls Aditya talking about the hal girl in Pagdandia. Aparna says that Malini is already feeling her bahu and asks her to call her Ma from here.

Their bond continues, Aparna asks Imli to serve the food and Taiji joke to wipe the table with cloth and not wash it. Malini thinks if the hal ಾ girl that Aditya is talking about is Imli. Then she fits in well with the kids. Imlee gives food. Malini She .. Aditya enters and says that he came. Aparna asks what he is doing here. They say that. Aparna asks between his work? Nidhi says that Aditya has come for Malini and she thinks he is already married to Malini. Malini looks at Imli.

Aditya asks her to try a bharwa bhindi prepared by Badima and says she likes cold drinks during ಟ. Malini is not today and thinks about why Aditya hid from her about Imli. Aditya thinks he wanted to tell her, but couldn’t. Imlee goes to call Tauji and sees that he is checking the phone directory, asking what it is. They say they are looking for phone numbers; She asks if the PM’s phone number is on it; He says he doesn’t know about CM, but almost everyone is from Delhi. After completing the meal, Malini says the food was delicious today.

Aditya says they also make tasty food. Badima jokes with Aparna that her son is gone and completely new. Aparna says she knew it would happen. Nidhi says let’s go shopping before the shops close. Aditya insists on going with him. Badima asks Imli to take care of the house and not be afraid of their absence. Imli says that she is so brave and used to looking after the whole pagandia that she can scare the leopard.

Nidhi jokes that just a few days ago, Dakoit broke into a neighboring house and looted everything, with Rupali joining her and saying his name was Bhoora Daku. Imlee is scared and after she leaves, Bhoora is armed with a spoon, knife and pans to fight Daku. Aditya goes with Malini for jewelry shopping and says that checking out her earrings would not suit her. She says hiding things from him is not right for him. He asks if we have hidden it and he walks away.

On the other side, Imlee calls every number in the phone directory and asks if her Baba is there, getting weird answers. Finally, Dev’s phone rings. He calls and instead speaks to Malini and asks if she is fine as she looks tense. Malini says she is tense because Aditya has brought a girl from Pagdandia, who works as a maid, but has not told her about this. Dev instructs her to talk to Aditya and clear her doubt.

She asks Aditya to fix the necklace around her neck and tells her that she has hidden something important from her in 7 years. He asks why he hid it. She says Imlee. He says that he didn’t think Imlee was important because the maids came and went, so he didn’t tell her about Imli.At home, Imlee continues to call the numbers. Anu picks up the call and Imlee asks if her baba is there. She walks out listening to the door bell and listening to Anu’s phone while Bhoora teaches Daku. She opens the door and when Dev sees he asks if Bhoora Daku is pointing at him.

Dev says no. Imlee won’t let him speak and accuses him of being a Bhura / Brown daku wearing brown clothes. They say their jeans are blue. Imlee does not listen and says he is holding a gun in his bag. Dev says its sweet, Imlee asks him to taste it. He tastes it and she looks like Mithi and speaks like her, maybe she knows about Mithi. He says Mithi. She says sweet is always mithi / sweet and asks him to take the sweet box from her. He walks away thinking she remembers Mithi. Imlee thinks, she didn’t get baba but eats dessert like his prasadam.

Aditya keeps Malini home with family women. Malini invites them inside. Anu gets angry at him. She apologizes for not informing her. Anu says she was preparing servants because she had to pay in advance. Aparna and her team emotionally deliver a lengthy lecture on how their family is on love and Anu’s salary.

Precape: Nidhi informs Aparna that all cash and valuables are missing from home, Imlee must have fled with them; He trusted Imli, but she betrayed him. Aditya Amma stands by.