Imlie 5th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aparna tries Malini’s engagement ring on Imli

Imlie 5th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aparna tries Malini’s engagement ring on Imli

Dev returns home and sees Aditya’s family and greets them and says that he has gone to their house and that they are here. He says he met an interesting girl there. Aparna says that she is Imlee, Aditya is brought to work as a maid by Pagnandia. Dev informs them that the whole incident has taken place. Anu gets angry when he hears this. Malini calms her down. Nidhi and Parul tell Imli that it is not Emily’s fault. Dev says Imlee is a wonderful girl and works with only 4 people.

Returning home in the car, Nidhi and Parul are discussing Imli’s Jokergiri. Aparna says Imlee is a cute girl. Aditya says she is disturbed. They reach the house and knock on the door, but Imlee doesn’t open it. Pankaji and Tauji also come back and ask what happened. Aparna says Imlay is not opening the door. Rupali says if Impli steals and leaves the house, all cash and jewelry are left outside. Family panic. Aditya reminds her that Imlee has returned the money in Pagdandia and says she cannot steal. He opens the door and they all walk in and search the house.

The fund reveals that all the cash and jewelery are missing. Family panic is high. Aditya says that Imli cannot steal and he must first find her. He looks for her and he finds her bag and certificate in the servant room. The treasure informs her that she has called the police. Aditya scolds her and says that Imli’s bag is here and she won’t leave with it. When she runs away with new clothes, Parul asks why she needs old clothes.

Aditya finds Imli again and falls unconscious on the kitchen floor. He informs the family. They all rush to her worried and try to wake her up. Imlee wakes up and asks what happened. They all ask her what happened to her. She remembers Bade Papa sleeping pills and told her of her energy tablets, saying she took Badke Kaka’s energy tablets to fight the thief and fell asleep.

Pankaj says its Bhai Saheb’s sleeping pills. Badima asks where the jewelry and cash are. Imlee lives in a big city and scolds him for not knowing he shouldn’t have cash and jewelry in the open. She shows the jewels hidden in the rice pot. Police have already entered, asking if their family member has complained that his maid Imlee ran away with jewelry and money. The family is silent, but Imlee hears it and shreds and locks himself in the kitchen.

Aditya says there is some confusion and explains the whole problem. The inspector goes on to say that no maids without identity verification and Imli’s identity cards should be submitted to the police. The family rushes to Imli and apologizes. Nidhi says that Rupali has told Imli that she stole the money. Rupali says Nidhi called the police. Aparna asks her to stop and Badima says that everyone will do something wrong, she too must have done something wrong. She asks everyone to apologize at once. They all apologize to her and she cheers.

Thanks to Imlee for walking to Aditya and protecting her from the police, she knows he will take care of her. He claims he did not save her, but he saved himself because the family had found out that the police had questioned him about her whereabouts and forced her to marry him. She stands shredded. He tells her that if he was making all these plays for her attention, she was wrong, she would have consumed 2 sleeping pills and if she had taken more she would have died and blamed him.

He says he is hiding their relationship from the family and Malini, but he is not afraid of her; She may try to make relationships, if he says she is a liar, his family will believe her and throw her out of this house. It could be his family, she even has a mother in her family who taught her not to break the promise, she was saving herself by saving the dignity of Pagdandia and Satyakam, he lost nothing, but she did. She continues to pour her heart out and walk away crying while Aditya stands in silence.

PreCap: Aparna tries Malini’s engagement ring on Imli and asks Badimala how it looks. Badima says its beautiful.