Imlie 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya celebrates his family dance

Imlie 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya celebrates his family dance

Bede Papa returns home and the whole family mimics a cigarette. He sees the cigarette next to the children. Imlee asks him to start his play. Bede stops Papa and asks what he is doing. Pankaj says he smokes cigarettes. The whole family gives him a cigarette. Bede Papa shouts to stop it being harmful to health and asks who taught him.

They all tell him, they all follow him and request him to stop smoking. Bede Papa offers his sig pack to Imli, promising not to smoke. Imlee asks him to extract all his hidden packets. They apologize to each member of the family by taking packets from the cushion covers, under the sofa and around the house. Thanks to Imli for the family help. After a while, they all put out their written poem for Aditya.

Imlee asks if she should remove her poem. He urges her to take it back. Aditya walks in and asks him to read the poem and let him know whose poem he liked. He reads children’s poetry first, then every family member, and finally likes one. Aparna says she liked Imli’s poem and it would be printed on Aditya and Malini’s wedding card. Weeping Imlee runs to her room. Aditya stands tense.

Rupali asks what Imlee has written. Aparna reads it and says its beautiful. Imlee runs into her room crying and wonders why she is so badly asked about Aditya’s marriage that she knows he intends to marry someone else and she cannot continue the relationship she has borrowed. Aditya walks towards her.

Imlee tells her that her marriage was unknown, otherwise she would not have written it; She knows he loves Malini and eventually marries her. Aditya says her family is practicing with her, she soon comes to their hearts, she does not want that to happen because it is difficult to accept the truth after she leaves home; So she must leave his house soon.

Malini shows a picture of Aditya to the Dadi and asks how it is. Dadi picks up a picture of Malini and Aditya and says it is perfect. The husband gifted her the golden bangles she had bought with her hard work. Malini feels overwhelmed and says this is the best gift from the best person of her life. Anu walks inside.

Malini shows off her bangles. Anu says that they are very old fashioned and they should melt them and make small earrings from them. Malini received her gift from Daddy Grief, which was enough for her. Malini says she will wear these during her Ferras, as she will enjoy Dadaji’s blessing with her. Malini walks away from the smoke. Thank you Malini.

In Pagdandia, Mithi is busy watching Sarpanch TV with the villagers when she walks up to him and says she is worried about Imli so he can give her Aditya’s phone number. Sarpanch asks how Aditya’s number is. He asks every villager why he did not take the address or phone number of the Adityas.

Sarpanch asks her to move aside and not ruin their entertainment. Mithi cries that she felt bad when she interrupted the movies, but about her daughter’s life, he forcibly married her to a city man and sent her with him without taking his address or phone number, all forcibly became a brother and father that day and now he doesn’t care about the village daughter. Satyakam enters and asks what happened to his Imli.

Sarpanch says he knows he will marry a girl if he spends the night with a man. Mithi says that spending the night and being together is different, Imlee got caught up in the storm with Aditya. Rules have been made to protect the daughters, Satyam threatens to commit Shiraz for his sin. The villagers say this is not Sarpanch’s idea but Dulari Nani’s.

PreCap: Aditya celebrates his family dance and Jai Jai Shiva at Shankar..Song .. When Anuni walks in and smokes with Malini.