Imlie Spoiler Alert: Due to tamarind, the mask of sharafat will descend from Malini’s face, the ground will slide under Aditya’s feet.

Imlie Spoiler Alert 12th March 2021 Episode No 101: These days, Star Plus dominates the TRP list. These days Star Plus’ serials dominate the list of TRP’s Top 5 Shows. Talking of Sumbul Touqueer Khan and Gashmeer Mahajani starrer, the current track of this serial ‘Imli’ (Imlie) is getting fierce twists in it. In the last episode itself, you saw that Aditya is starting to realize that even if he does not want to, he is constantly missing the tamarind. In such a situation, he decides to go to Pagdandiya and bring it back to the city. In the upcoming episode of ‘Tamarind’, a terrible drama is going to happen now.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that the worm entry of Aditya’s wife Malini has been killed in the mind. Malini will repeatedly bother that why is Aditya hiding everything from him? Gradually Malini will start making wrong decisions in the fire of jealousy. In this way, the form of Malini will be revealed to all, which had not come yet.

So far, the entire Tripathi family, along with Tamarind and Aditya, felt that Malini was very sweet, but soon their illusion would break. In the upcoming episode of ‘Imli’, it will be shown that Malini will do dangerous planning to harm Imli. This reality of Malini will soon be revealed to Aditya as well.

Aditya will gradually realize that Malini is not right for him. Aditya will remember the words of tamarind again and again. Tamarind always used to tell Aditya that even though their relationship is connected, she will never tie him up. Overall, the serial ‘Imli’ is going to be a big hit in the coming days. For the time being, keep reading Bollywood Life to know all such TV serial gossips.


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