Improvement in mustard oilseeds and soybean grain due to increase in demand

Prices of soybean oilseeds and mustard oilseeds remain on a correction in the Delhi oilseeds market on Saturday as the local demand for soybean oil-free oil (DOC) has increased with festive demand. It remains intact. Traders said there was a severe shortage of soybean in the market. Soybean is not available in manufacturing states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka so its prices are high. In futures trading, the deal for distribution in October for the next crop in the next month will be Rs. 6,400, which is Rs. 32-33 percent lower than the 30 percent lower price. The reason for this shortfall is to expect better and better quality in production than to cut import tariffs from the government for the upcoming crop.

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With the exception of very limited quantities of oil factories, large farmers have mustard inventory, which is reducing their inventory in their knees. In addition, due to festive demand, there is a trend of improvement in the price of mustard oil and oilseeds. Sources said that Huffed and Nafed cooperatives should be stocking mustard seeds right away to help small farmers during the next sowing season. Oil experts believe that the current crop of mustard can be doubled, with farmers looking to get a better price for mustard. The demand for mustard increases in one month and its shortage cannot be met by imports as there is no alternative to mustard.

According to sources, the government should focus on increasing the production of oil and oilseeds rather than reducing the import duty on oilseeds. Only then will the country determine the path of self-reliance in the true sense.

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The wholesale price in the market is as follows – (Rs. Per quintal)

  • Mustard Oilseeds – 8,025 – 8,100 (42 per cent conditional price) Rs.
  • Groundnut – 6,620 – 6,765 Rs.
  • Groundnut Oil Mill Distribution (Gujarat) – Rs 15,100
  • Peanut solvent refined oil Rs 2,330 – 2,460 per tin.
  • Mustard Oil Dadri – Rs 16,580 per quintal
  • 2,560 -2,610 for each tin of Sarson Pakki Ghani.
  • Sarson Kachi Ghani – Rs 2,645 – Rs 2,755 per tin.
  • Distribution of Sesame Oil Mill – Rs.15,100 – Rs.17,600.
  • Soybean Oil Mill Delivery Delhi – Rs 15,100
  • Soybean Mill Delivery Indore – Rs 15,000
  • Soybean Oil Decam, Kandla – Rs 13,650
  • CPO X -Condla – Rs 11,950
  • Cottonseed Mill Delivery (Haryana) – Rs 14,500
  • Palmolin RBD, Delhi – Rs 13,750
  • Palmoline X- Condla- 12,600 (without GST)
  • Soybean Grain 9,300 – 9,400, Soybean Loose Rs 9,000 – 9,050
  • Makka Khal (Sariska) Rs

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