Imran Khan arrives in Sri Lanka as China salesman, tries to cover Lanka in CPEC

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently visiting Sri Lanka. Emran Khan, who was visiting Sri Lanka, also appeared there, counting on the benefits of his relationship with China. His false promises were also seen when he was trying to cover Lanka in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Imran, who arrived in Sri Lanka, admired Sepak but was silent on its shortcomings.

Both countries have suffered a lot due to this threat, as Imran Khan, the embassy of terrorism, shares common issues with Pakistan and Sri Lanka, including terrorism. He said that Pakistan has faced the most terrorism for over ten years and nearly 70000 people have died.

Addressing a joint press conference with his Sri Lankan counterpart in Colombo, Mahinda Rajapaksa, he said Pakistan is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the CPEC is the main project of the event, providing many opportunities for connectivity and trade. Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed on ways and means for Sri Lanka to increase trade and connectivity to Central Asia through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

“We have discussed the sectors that will enhance the trade relationship between Pakistan and Sri Lanka and get the maximum benefit from the link provided by the former,” said Imran Khan Imran Khan said Pakistan has played its part in helping Sri Lanka to prevent terrorism from its soil, which could hamper development and tourism. He said no country can progress if there is terrorism.