Imran Khan said – how the FATF destroys Pakistan’s black list

Imran Khan fears going to Pakistan on black list of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) This was revealed in a speech delivered by neighboring Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday night. Imran Khan said how FATF is putting pressure on Pakistan.

Speaking of Imran Khan FATF of the country, if Pakistan is added to the FATF black list, the country is subject to many constraints. Items from the outside will be expensive and the country will go to more poverty. Imran Khan has accused the opposition of first trying to blackmail him in the 2018 election.

“The FATF’s black list is where our rupee starts to fall and no one can tell how much it will fall,” Imran Khan said. Inflation increases when the rupee falls. Whatever you ask from the outside, it is expensive. For example, oil, electricity, pulses, etc. are all expensive. If Pakistan goes to the blacklist, poverty will rise even further. The Opposition had just one agenda and it was to blackmail me. ”

Pakistan has been on the FATF’s gray list for the past three years. There is a risk of going black every time. Pakistan was also kept on the gray list at last month’s FATF meeting. The FATF is constantly killing Pakistan for not taking action against terrorism. This resulted in financial loss. According to reports, Pakistan lost $ 38 billion (about Rs 2806 billion).

Steps need to be taken on three more factors
The FATF has asked Pakistan to complete 27 points against terrorism, three of which are yet to be implemented. FATF president Dr Krishna said Pakistan still remains under surveillance. Marcus Player said. Pakistan has made some significant progress, but many serious shortcomings remain. “All these areas are related to terrorist financing. Three of the 27 (points) have to be taken completely,” he said. The FATF had warned Pakistan to take up such issues last year. You are not given the opportunity of a lifetime If you repeatedly fail to provide a solution and action plan, it will be blacklisted.

‘I am ready to sit in opposition’
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is set to vote for a confidence vote in parliament on Saturday after defeating his finance minister in the Senate election. Addressing the nation, he said, I am ready to sit in opposition. “If I fail to win a confidence vote, I will happily sit in the opposition,” Imran Khan said on TV in the country’s name, but this time he said he would keep the AAP (Opposition leaders) until you return every piece of this country. Without naming, he alleged that his 16 MLAs had been bribed to vote against a party-backed candidate.