In 30 years, this bus conductor has planted 3 lakh plants, and social media has gone crazy

Tamil Nadu Bus Conductor is going viral on Khur Social Media. In fact, this person has spent his own money and planted 3 lakh saplings in the last 30 years. This is being admired by everyone on social media. Marimuthu Yoganathan is a bus conductor at the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation. The Vice President has been awarded the Echo Warriors Award for his contribution to Yoganathan.

In addition, filmmaker Mike Pandey and actor John Abraham Dwaka have been honored by Yoganathan at Timberland, an event in Delhi. Recently, a Twitter user named Handel of a Jain Maggie shared a picture of the bus conductor and wrote, “Marimuthu Yoganathan is a bus conductor who has planted more than 3 lakh saplings in the last 30 years using his own money. ‘A true environmentalist’!”

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan also responded to this tweet on March 5, 2021, saying, “Inspired by my birthday. Thank you for sharing.” Many people who saw this tweet admired Yoginathan and liked his work so much.

Yoganathan visited nearly 3,743 universities, colleges, schools and industries and conducted classes to promote environmental awareness. He has been honored by the Government of Tamil Nadu with ‘Suitru Sujal Sial Veer’. He was also awarded the Environment Warrior Award by the Government of India.

When taking the award, Yoginathan said, “My request to send my award to me was rejected. I was worried about the rail fare, vacation and cost of living in New Delhi. But I am glad that I received the award. Not from anyone else but the vice president of the country.”