In a few hours, the BJP reversed the decision, saying Sridharan would not be the CM candidate in Kerala

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today announced the name of Meterman E. Sreedharan for the Kerala Assembly elections. But now news is coming that the party has withdrawn their name. Let me tell you that he recently entered politics through the saffron party. 88-year-old Sridharan joined the BJP last week.

During the Vijay Yatra, BJP chief in Kerala K. Surendran had informed Sridharan about making him the chief ministerial candidate. “The party will soon release a list of other candidates,” he said.

Previously, Union Minister V. Muralidharan said, “BJP in Kerala will contest the election with E. Sreedharan as the chief ministerial candidate.

However, the minister later told the news agency ANI, “I know that the party has made the announcement through media reports. I have not made any such announcement with the party chief. In an interview to the Times, he said the BJP would make further progress from their experience and that they would be fit even at the age of 85.

Sridharan joined the BJP formally on February 25. He joined the party at a BJP event in Malappuram, Kerala. However, he had earlier announced that he would join the BJP. At the same time, if the BJP wants it, they will contest the Assembly elections and say that the party is ready for the post of Chief Minister.

The 88-year-old technician, known as Metro Man and an expert in completing major infrastructure projects, said his main objective was to help the BJP to empower Kerala. Sridharan’s entry into the Bharatiya Janata Party was a major impetus for the party in Kerala.

‘Not interested in running for governor’
Before joining the BJP, Sridharan made it clear that he was not interested in taking up the post of governor. He said it was a complete constitutional post and had no power and would not be able to make any positive contribution to the state by staying in such post. “My main objective is to empower the BJP in Kerala,” he said. If the BJP wins the election in Kerala, there are three to four constituencies we want to focus on. This includes the development of large-scale infrastructure and the bringing of industries into the state.