In the IPL 2020, Chennai Super Kings got a lot of love on Twitter, the team’s special message to fans

Chennai Super Kings (CSK, CSK) may not have performed much in the Indian Premier League’s 13th (Tuvil (IPL 2020)), but the team has received a lot of support this year and CSK debuted on Twitter this year. The team wrote a special message on Twitter and thanked everyone for the support they received from the fans.

Chennai Super Kings thanked the fans on their Twitter team, saying: ‘Great thanks to everyone who returned during our difficult time and to all the super fans. I want your whistle on your side, and the voice gets louder. “The CSK team shared two photos in this post, in which people tweeted more to Chennai in IPL 2020, and the team shared the most hashtag in the IPL.

Ravichandran praises Ashwin Babur Azam

Chennai Super Kings’ performance in IPL 2020 was very disappointing and the team seemed to be looking to win this season. Almost all the batsmen of the team, including Dhoni, have looked silent this season. However, Chennai ended the season by winning only three of their matches in the final. Young players Rituraj Gaikwad and Sam Curran have certainly played well for Chennai in some matches.