IND vs ENG: Virat Kohli came to rescue Cheteshwar Pujara, said – should be left to check on him

India captain Virat Kohli believes it is the player’s responsibility to recognize the flaws in the game and criticize Cheteshwar Pujara’s batting should be left to evaluate itself. The current Indian team, after Kohli, is the highest run-scorer in Pujara’s Test. He has scored 6267 runs in 86 matches, but he is accused of taking an excessive defensive approach. This adds to the pressure on the players who bat with him. When asked about Pujara, Kohli defended his trusty third-order batsman, saying: “It has been talked about for some time and I honestly think there is such talent and experience.” The player must be left alone to discover the shortcomings. ‘

Yuvraj Singh said the bowler should be included in the Indian squad for the England tour

The captain, speaking to reporters on the eve of the first Test of a five-match series against England, said the players knew their responsibilities at this stage and that unnecessary criticism would not bother them, at least in the worship. “Likewise for me or for other players on this team, we know a lot about what we have to do for the team,” he said. I can say from the outside that criticism is unnecessary, but Pooja is not afraid and I know that such criticism is as relevant as you want it to be.

IND vs ENG: In the first Test against England, Team India can go with this playing XI

Kohli did not disclose the final 11 players for the first Test, or whether Lokesh will join Rahul as an opener or play Hanumari. However, he said Shardul Thakur has the potential to become an all-rounder in all formats. “Yes, he can (all-rounder). He is already a talented cricketer and this is going to make him more confident. A player like him helps to balance a team in a test or whatever.

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