Indavas: As the Australian coach says, this tactic of India is not working against Steve

Australian Assistant Coach Andrew McDonald believes the Indian bowlers’ plan to throw a consistent bouncer against Steve Smith is not real, as is Neil Wagner. Smith was dismissed by New Zealand left-arm fast bowler Wagner four times in the Test series for the 2019–2020 season. During this time, he constantly threw small balls, aiming at Smith’s body. McDonald Smith said his batting showed no weakness, even after he had trouble with short balls.

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He said on Sunday, “I know Archer’s ball hit his helmet in a Test match. But he is able to score after his comeback. The plan was adopted against him in ODIs and T20s but he managed to score runs.” If they (the Indian bowlers) want to, they can try this plan, which was adopted against Smith against India in the three-match ODI series in January, but the 31-year-old batsman proved himself by playing 98 and 131 innings.

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McDonald said he had worked on the project before. This gives them a good chance to stop the race and dismiss them. But in the last series against India, they could easily overcome it. I hope the same goes for the next series. After a three-match ODI series on November 27, India will play the same number of T20 internationals. The four-match Test series will start in Adelaide from December 17.