India-China standoff: China is deployed to the LAC by removing troops from Pangong, preparations for a new conspiracy?

India-China tensions along the East Ladakh Virtual Control Line (LAC) have decreased over the past nine months. The armies of both countries retreated from the north and south of Pangong Su. The weapons deployed there for several months have also been withdrawn, but the Chinese retreated from Pangong to the LAC. A recent image of the satellite says China sent PLA personnel to the Rutog County base. After this, the motives of the fraudulent dragon are always questioned again.

This home of Rutog is just 100 kilometers from the Pangong So area and 110 kilometers from Moldova. Work has been underway since 2019. Here, China also recently built a heliport to strengthen the PLA. Open Imagery has released the original @detresfa_ special image. “The latest satellite image of the Rutog military base has displaced many Chinese soldiers who were removed from India last week,” the photo reads. The base will serve as the base for the Chinese army’s further activities for the Pangong region. ”

By the end of 2019, construction work in Rutog County is moving quickly. The army has intensified its activities in this area. Radar systems are also provided for surface-to-air missile sites, heliports, tank drills, etc. New tents, pre-fab heated cabins, etc. can be seen in the satellite image. In the coming season, PLA staff can reach the LAC using these tents. Recently China also conducted military exercises in Rutog County, a video of which was later released. A large number of PLA personnel along with tanks participated in the exercise and used ammunition. In the video, Chinese soldiers are seen attacking the target.

After Pangong, talks about separation from other areas
After separating from Pangong, India and China are now negotiating disposal with other areas. Recently, senior military commanders from both countries held talks for 16 hours. The meeting on the Chinese side of Moldova was discussed at the Gogra Heights, Hot Springs and Depsang Plains on both sides. In a joint statement, the two countries said military withdrawal from the Pangong Lake area was an important step in addressing other issues along the virtual control line in the Western region. Both sides agreed to maintain consensus among their leaders, continue their dialogue and contact, stabilize and control the ground situation and resolve the remaining issues in a balanced and systematic manner.