India vs England: Equal to qualify for ICC WTC Final after 2nd Test

The final of the ICC World Test Championship will be held in June this year. If New Zealand have already qualified for the final of the ICC World Test Championships, then the decision of which team in India, England or Australia will play in the final will be against India and England. Test. The series is done only after the result. The series is currently 1-1 after two Tests, with the results of the next two Tests deciding which of the three teams will compete in the final from New Zealand. Look at the equations for the three teams to reach the final

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India can reach such finals

If India wins 2–1 or 3–1 in the series it will reach the final. This means that one defeat in the remaining two Tests will close the road for India to reach the final. In the remaining matches, India must either win either Test or win one and draw a Test to reach the final.

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England can reach such a final

England need to win the remaining two Tests. If England win the series 3–1, they reach the final. For that, all three of the remaining Test matches will now be played or die. Losing a single Test or draw means England’s dream of playing the final match of the ICC World Test Championship is shattered.

Australia can reach such finals

There are three equations that lead Australia to the final. This test series is a 2–2 draw or a 1–1 draw. Furthermore, if England win the series 2–1, then Australia will advance to the final.