India vs England: If the ICC Ahmedabad pitch is bad, India will lose the World Test Championship, Know all equations

With the result of the third Test between India and England in two days, there has been much debate over the pitch of the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad. The former England cricketer is unable to digest this embarrassing defeat of the team and has been heavily criticizing the pitch. There was talk that the England team could complain to the ICC about the pitch, but coach Silverwood stopped all these ulations. Many questions were raised on the pitch after the defeat in the second Test at Chepauk, Chennai. If the ICC Ahmedabad pitch is declared bad, tell us how many points India will miss in the World Test Championship and how it will affect them.

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However, it seems very difficult to declare the ICC Ahmedabad pitch bad, but how much harm India will have if the ICC takes such a step. According to a report by Christian Kricinfo, if the pitch is described as poor, three demerit points can be assigned to the venue. However, this does not make any difference to the home team. According to the rules of the World Test Championship, if the match is stopped due to bad pitch or bad conditions, the host team will be dealt with.

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According to the conditions of the World Test Championship game, ‘if for some reason the match is terminated mid-pitch and the pitch and field are deemed unfit, the ICC pitch and field tally monitoring process will depend on the team’s win and the defeat of the host team. For statistical purposes, a match that ends in the middle is considered a draw. “In the third Test, the match is complete and the Indian team cannot be punished in any way. In order to reach the final of the World Test Championship, Team India must win the fourth Test against England or draw the match. If the team succeeds in doing so, they will find a place in the final and face New Zealand at Lord’s.