Indian Idol 12: Makers ridicule Santosh Anand’s ‘poverty’ for TRP? People put Neha Kakkar’s class on social media.

Indian Idol 12 is becoming very popular among people. The reason for this is the amazing contestants who came to the show Although the show is as popular, it is getting surrounded in controversies as well. Contraversies are not taking the name of chasing the show. The show has come under target of people for another act of its own, with old pictures of Sawai Bhatt, the contestant of the first show. In the past weekend, Pyarelal came on the show as a guest. Meanwhile, the makers also called noted lyricist Santosh Anand.

Seeing the condition of Santosh Ji on the show, everyone’s eyes became moist. Meanwhile, Neha Kakkar also helped Santosh Ji with Rs 5 lakh. After this act of makers, both types of reactions are being found. Some people are praising the makers for helping Santosh ji and telling Santosh ji’s story to the people, while some people are trolling the makers fiercely. People say that makers can go to any extent for TRPs.

People alleged that the show made fun of Santoshji’s poverty and his conditions. Makers also sold a man’s poverty for TRP. See what people said and do not forget to give your opinion in the comments ….