Invested in a post office? Know how many years your money will double

Post Office Investment Plan: If you want security and investment, post office plans are one of the best options for you. Tell us in detail about such projects at the Post Office, where you can make a big return by investing. Also know how many years your money will double.

Post Office Time Deposit Plan: Investing in this project for one to three years yields a return of up to 5.5%. If you are still investing in this project, your money will double in 13 years. But if you invest directly in this scheme for 5 years you will get an interest rate of 6.7% and your money will double in 10 years.

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Post Office Savings Account: It is a project that will take 18 years to double the money. Currently, the project is being paid 4% interest.

Post Office RD: It is also considered the post office’s trusted plan. Where a large number of people invest their money. Currently, the investment is paying 5.8% interest. Your money here will double in 12 years.

Post Office Monthly Income Plan: We can call this a popular post office project. Because investing here yields 6.6% interest. And your money will double in 10 years.

Post Office Senior Citizen Plan: This scheme is only for senior citizens. Here senior citizens get 7.4% interest rate. If someone invests money here, their money will double in 9 years.

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Post Office Futures Fund: You can earn 7.1% interest by investing in this fund. But keep in mind that the investment here is 15 years.

Sukanya Prosperity Project: Keeping track of the girls, this project has been launched. Parents can invest in their child’s name here and receive 7.6% interest.

Post Office National Savings Certificate: Interest on this scheme of the Post Office will be available at the rate of 6.8%. This plan is also used to save income tax.

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