Is Howzat Secure? How Do I Win Money on Howzat?

Did you know that you can win real money by utilizing your knowledge of cricket and your gaming skills? Gone are the days when cricket was merely for fun and entertainment. Thanks to the invention of fantasy cricket, you can now not only watch cricket but also participate in the sport in the comfort of your home. Consumer VOICE, a consumer protection group, recently published a survey titled ”Demystifying Common Myths Surrounding Online Fantasy Sports.” According to the survey, 88% of users who play fantasy cricket reported an increased interest in sports after participating in fantasy cricket contests.

What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an online game where you use your cricketing expertise and create a virtual team of 11 players from two teams participating in a real-world match and compete with participants from across the country. You are awarded points based on your players’ performance in the real match. The participant who gets the most points wins the game and gets a cash prize in a cash contest. There are also contests that have more than one winner, based on their ranks. In such contests, the participant with the highest points wins the biggest cash prize.

Fantasy cricket is considered a skill game since the outcome of the game depends mainly on the sporting knowledge of a player and his/her gaming skills, rather than just luck or chance. The Indian law considers it fully legal to play skill games like fantasy sports for real money. Thus, the money won on fantasy platforms such as Howzat is 100% legal. Moreover, any cash prize of ₹10,000 or more won in a single match or contest is taxable on the Howzat app as per India’s income tax rules. 

Is Howzat secure?

Playing fantasy games on Howzat is completely safe and secure. The platform uses AI, advanced algorithms and foolproof security systems to ensure the safety of your account and to make sure that each and every game on the platform is totally fair. All monetary transactions on the app are 100% safe and only you have access to your account. As scores are updated in real time based on the match being played in the real world, there is no scope for any cheating or bias. 

How to play fantasy cricket on Howzat?

The Howzat fantasy app has an easy sign-up process. Once you have downloaded the app from Howzat’s official website, you can sign-up using your mobile number or your The Howzat fantasy app has an easy sign-up process. Once you have downloaded the app from Howzat’s official website, you can sign-up using your mobile number or your Google/Facebook account and start playing right away. To start playing, all you have to do is go to the game lobby and join any contest. Howzat has a simple game lobby and a friendly-user interface, which makes it easy for anyone to join a contest.

Howzat offers a wide range of contests, including head-to-head contests and leagues, for all major domestic and international matches and tournaments. In head-to-head competitions, you compete with only one opponent and win if your team outperforms theirs. You can join leagues and compete for prizes worth lakhs of rupees if you’re seeking a bigger challenge and want to compete with multiple gamers from all around the country simultaneously.

To join a contest, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the game lobby on the Howzat app and select an upcoming cricket match of your choice.
  • Choose from among the contests and leagues available for the match. There is no limit on the number of contests you can join.
  • Once you have selected a contest, create a well-balanced team of 11 players from two teams playing in the real-world match, using your cricket expertise and keeping in mind the recent form of the players, the pitch and the weather report. 
  • Select a captain and vice captain for your team wisely
  • Take a final look at your team immediately after the toss to make any last-minute changes before the match begins.

Once you have joined a contest, take a backseat and relax. Your points will be updated in real-time as the match progresses. 

Can you create multiple teams for a contest? 

Howzat allows you to create up to 40 teams for a single contest. However, the number varies from contest to contest. Joining with multiple teams increases your winning probability as one of your teams may have the right combination of players. Joining with multiple teams also allows you to try several playing combinations, keeping in mind various factors while selecting your team. So if one of your teams fails to perform, you still have a chance to win the contest with another team.

How to make the best use of bonuses

Howzat offers the best welcome bonus among all fantasy cricket apps that are available on the market. After you make your first deposit on the app, you receive up to a 200% bonus on your deposited amount. Howzat also offers daily offers, bonuses and cashback, all of which you can avail to join more cash games and leagues.

Howzat also has fantastic referral bonuses, great cashback and other regular offers. You can get up to ₹500 every time you successfully invite a friend to play on the app/site. Not only that, your invited friend will also receive a ₹500 bonus! 

All these bonuses are added to your Howzat wallet. You can join cash contests and leagues on the app using these bonuses. However, the bonus percentage that you can use as a part of your entry fee will vary from contest to contest. You can find that information on the contest card alongside the contest on the app/site. For example, if “bonus 50%” is written next to the contest, you can pay up to 50% of the entry fee from your bonus balance. So if your entry is ₹100, you can join the contest by paying just ₹50, and the remaining balance will be paid from your bonus amount.

So what are you waiting for? Just download the fantasy cricket app from Howzat’s official website, select teams, create contests and win huge cash prizes. Happy gaming!

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