Is surgically reducing lip volume a safe method?

In this article, Dr Anju Methil one of the leading dermatologists who works in a top skin clinic in Andheri, Mumbai talks about “Is surgically reducing lip volume a safe method?”

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Possibly you’ve heard of lip augmentation surgery, which is a process that’s frequently performed to make your lips appear larger. Less frequently discussed is reduction surgery, which is performed to reduce the amount of volume in your lips.

Less frequently discussed is reduction surgery, which is performed to reduce the amount of volume in your lips. lip reduction surgery, while less common, can be beneficial if you want smaller lips or if you are unhappy with the outcomes of a previous augmentation procedure.

Surgery is very different from a dermatological operation, and it carries with it a risk of infection and scarring, among other things.

Despite this, lip reduction surgery is generally believed to be safe when performed by a competent and board-certified Specialist.

Lip reduction surgery

Andheri based dermatologist Dr Anju Methil opines that Lip reduction surgery entails the removal of skin tissues from the lower or upper lips, or both if necessary, to achieve the desired result. All of this is done with the goal of reshaping the entire lip area.

First, anaesthetic (either local or general) is administered so that you will not feel any discomfort. During the process, a horizontal line is cut into the pink inner section of your lip by a surgeon in a horizontal line. Scarring is reduced as a result of this.

The excess fat and tissue from the lip are then removed by the surgeon in order to minimise the overall volume of the lip.

After the surgeon has removed all of the targeted tissues, he or she will suture the incision with stitches. These typically come off on their own after a few days or weeks.

“Brazilian” reduction

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A single lip reduction treatment is performed to slim down only one of the lips. The “Brazilian” approach is one such operation that is widely used.

As its name implies, this method focuses on improving the contour of the lower lip by drawing inspiration from the design of a bikini line, which is traditionally more triangular-shaped 

As part of the procedure to accomplish the appropriate volume reduction and form, the surgeon will remove a larger chunk from the centre of the lower lip says Dr Anju Methil a top dermatologist in Andheri, Mumbai.

How long does it take to recover from lip reduction surgery?

It is possible that swelling and redness will remain for a few days, but you should be able to speak and move around more easily after that period.

When the sutures are removed and your lips have totally healed, it may take a week or two for them to fully recover. In comparison to other types of cosmetic surgery, this procedure requires significantly less effort and requires significantly less recovery time.

 If you follow the thumb rule, you should plan on taking a full week off from work. Using cold packs on your lips throughout your recuperation period may be recommended by your doctor.

 You might also think about taking over-the-counter pain medicines like acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce your discomfort. If your postoperative problems persist for more than two weeks, you should consult your surgeon.

Lip reduction surgery candidates

According to Dr Anju Methil a leading dermatologist, Candidates for lip reduction surgery are typically people who wish to alter their overall facial appearance through the procedure. The majority of persons who undergo this sort of surgery have naturally large lips, or they have lips that are larger than intended as a result of a previous augmentation procedure.

Your lips might also change as you get older. Lip reduction may be a realistic option for correcting any imbalance that may have resulted.

Getting lip reduction surgery done in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures, such as dermal fillers, is another common practice nowadays. However, not everyone qualifies as a candidate.

Diseases that produce autoimmunity or inflammation can make you ineligible for some jobs, especially if your illness causes frequent mouth sores. 

You’ll want to share your complete medical history with your surgeon ahead of time so that you can reduce your chances of experiencing negative effects.

Smoking is also prohibited prior to surgery, as well as during the recuperation period after surgery.

If you have cold sores or any other sort of mouth sore, you will be unable to have lip surgery. Infections in and around the mouth might sometimes make it difficult to schedule surgery at a convenient time.

You may be asked to treat the infection first, after which your surgeon will arrange the treatment for a later date with you.

If you have a history of cold sores or herpes blisters in your mouth, be sure to tell your doctor. They will most likely prescribe medicine to keep an outbreak from occurring while you’re recovering.

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