Is there golden opportunity to invest in gold? Know the opinion of experts

There has been a steady decline in gold prices. On Friday, 24 carat gold in Delhi’s bullion market was trading at Rs 48,215. In such a situation, the question arises as to whether investing in gold is appropriate at this time. Which form of gold is best to invest in the options available in the market? Let us know the answers to these questions

Where is the danger

The current market has the opportunity to invest in physical gold, digital gold, ETF, gold mutual fund and sovereign gold bonds. As is common danger everywhere, there is the same danger here. For example, physical gold has problems ranging from purity to maintenance. At the same time, digital gold does not fall under any regulatory body other than RBI and SEBI.

There is market risk associated with gold ETFs and mutual funds. Because of this there is always a risk associated with the price. A sovereign gold bond is a better option than all of these.

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Where is a better return than an investment

The most asked question is where do you get the best returns? Investment expert Paritosh Sharma says that on sovereign gold bonds, you get an annualized return of 2.5%. In addition, the Gold ETF is also a good option. Regarding physical gold, Paritosh says there is no certainty about it.

Where does the liquidity problem go?

Gold ETFs, mutual funds and physical gold can be easily traded and purchased. Sovereign gold bonds have a maturity period.

Where to put your money

In such a situation, the question is where to invest your money after taking all these options into account. In response to this question, Paritosh says that investing in sovereign gold bonds is a good option. “Sovereign gold bonds are a good option if you want to invest for a long time,” says Shweta Jain of Investography.

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