Ishmart Jodi Season 2 Release Date and Starting Timing on Star Maa

Ishmart Jodi Season 2 Release Date and Starting Timing on Star Maa: Popular Star Maa celebrities and their real-life partners battle it out against each other in this fun game show hosted by your favourite Ohmkar.

Star Maa’s “Ishmart Jodi Season 2″to entertain and entertain the audience. Ishmart Jodi Season 1 was a huge success under his direction as Omkar presenter. Sarvam is now ready to start the second season with more extra attractions.

Ishmart Jodi Season 2 Release Date and Time

Ishmart Jodi Season 2 is going to be aired on December 26th, 2021 It airs every week Saturday and Sunday at 9pm. Director Omkar, who is closely associated with Star Maa, is all set to take the show to the next level this time around. I saw in Star Ma that this show starts from this 26th. The grand launch will air at 6 p.m.

Ishmart Jodi Season 2 participants List

We have celebrities appearing in various serials and various shows who are going to make a splash in this show. These couples in a variety of rounds are going to entertain us this season. Preeti Nigam – Nagesh, Baba Bhaskar – Revathi, Kaushal – Neelima, Amma Rajasekhar – Radha, Avinash – Anuja, Shivareddy – Swati Reddy, Kaushik – Bhavya, Maheshwari – Shivnag, Eknath – Harika, Lahari – Dheeren, Harshita – Vinay, Vishwa – Attention: Entertaining this season, they are going to compete for the title of “Ishmart Jodi”.


Ishmart Jodi Season 2 Starting Timing on Star Maa

Ishmart Jodi Season 2 is back on Star Maa from Today. Another attractive aspect of the show is the entertainment that celebrities bring with their versatile personalities, some of whom are completely different from the people who appear on their screen.

The combination of these with exciting games and rounds of competitions is sure to keep viewers glued to the TV screens. Directed by Omkar, the channel’s star presenter, the second season of the Ishmart couple is already said to be the most entertaining feature.

The grand opening ceremony of the show will take place on December 26th at 6pm. Regular episodes air at 9pm on weekends. Star flour only.

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