Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th February 2021 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th February 2021 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ridhima saying I am a mum. She smiles at her wedding picture. Kabir says I know Ridhima, you are not giving this news to Wansh now. I have not taken any action. Vansh comes to the room and sees Riddhima with their wedding picture. He asks you to be okay. Ridhima says yes, I am fine. They ask This is the magic of love that you are talking about with my image. She says yes, you can think like that, sometimes life gives beautiful reasons to smile. He asks what it is. Angre comes to tell about Ishani. Ishani shouted, “Where is the fire station?” She throws the child’s toys and lights the fire to burn it. Vansh, Angre and Riddhima come. Wansh asks Ishani not to do that. Ishani burns the toys. Vansh moves her away. She says I burned everything. Vansh apologizes. Ridhima thought it wasn’t time to tell Wansh.

Angre and Vansh go outside. Ishani grabs Ridhima’s hand and says you have it in your fortune, I lost my baby because of you. If Ridhima cries and Wansh can’t save me, I could have been shot, my child…. She checks her pregnancy report. She thinks about how I will share this after it happens. She prays to Bappa. Everyone is upset here, saying that it is wrong to express happiness. Chanchal expels Ishani. Ridhima thinks that if Ishani sees my pregnancy reports she will be hurt. Chanchal calls her out. Riddhima stumbles. Reports fall down. Kabir picked up the reports. He says thank you for getting my reports. Chanchal asks what reports. Kabir says I had a fever at night, I didn’t want to take a chance and did a Kovid test, its negative. Chanchal asks to drink kada for good immunity. Ishani goes on. Kabir Riddhima says, I will not tell anyone this. She’s gone. He thinks I’m right, Ridhima is pregnant. Kabir and Vansh are on their way. Thanks for the Kabir Lift. I hope you will be fine after something happens with Ishani. Vansh scolds him. He asks about the pink day on the radio. They plan to buy roses for Ridhima. A woman calls him out. He turns to look. She asks to kill her child. Vansh is confused.

The woman says that your way is better than killing the orphans, you made my child an orphan. They say you never know. They say my husband was killed in your shoot, where you did not see the dead bodies, my innocent child was wrong. She cries. They feel sorry for me, I feel bad for hearing about your husband, I take responsibility for the child, try to fill his absence. How can you do the duty of husband and father, you are also cursed, pray that you do not become a father, otherwise your child will pay for it, you do not know what will happen to the father. She curses him. Wansh remembers her bad childhood. He is right, the world will not let such children live well, it is better that I do not be a father, if something happens to me, the same will happen to my child. Kabir says that Vabish does not want to be a father, Riddhima is pregnant, fate is with me. They leave in the car. Riddhima talks to her patient. Rudra comes in and asks where Wansh is, I have a little imp work. She says he went out. Wansh comes. He scolds Rudra. Ridhima stops him. Wansh really sorry, my mood was bad, keep the files, I see. Rudra gives away the files.

Vansh remembers the woman’s words. Ridhima sits on her lap and says I know where your stress starts and ends. He hugs her. He says stay with me, stay close to me. She asks why you are so tense. They say that if I am afraid and alarmed, I will not lose my valuables. She sits down, she says I have a way to relieve your stress. She gives him a neck massage. She thinks you are going to be a dad, I want to tell you this soon, your stress is over. Ridhima goes and makes noodles. Sia asks why you are making noodles. Ridhima says I want to have something spicy. Sia says you are not healthy, you can have fruit, papaya makes you better. Ridhima thinks about how to tell Sia that I cannot have papaya. They say I’m better now. Sia says I will tell Wansh. No Ridhima, I care about myself, I promise. Sia asks her to have papaya.

Ridhima is worried. Says Sia is good for health. Kabir comes and takes the fork to eat papaya. I love papaya so much, I have it, I’m sorry, I want to have fruit, Radhima says you can have something else. Sia says I will eat another one. Ridhima says no need, I don’t have noodles, okay, I’ll take a rest, then we will. She’s gone. Kabir calls her out. I had to talk to you, forget it, I’m sorry that I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. She was right, tell me. They say I want to congratulate you, I’m the first person to know it, I’m happy for you, did you tell Wunsh? She says no, I’m going to tell him soon. They say there is a truth you need to know. She asks what is true. They say they are sorry to say but your child will not find the father’s love. She looks shocked

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