Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ridhima plans to take Vihan to VR Bhavan and make 50 lakhs

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ridhima plans to take Vihan to VR Bhavan and make 50 lakhs

I don’t want to hurt the nanny, I have to do something, I have to find some way to tell you the truth, the episode starts with Ridhima saying that I have never cheated you, I can never deceive you. She cries. Kabir Wansh says, I am right on this house, I will erase all your memories. Anupriya says I don’t understand why Ridhima said yes so quickly. Because of her feelings she had to say yes, she never dared to fight with me, ever.

As Radhima says, Dadi please refuse this marriage, I hope the Dadi reads this letter, I will put it in her room, I will not marry Kabir in the next 7 births. She puts the letter in for the nanny. Isdhani says that yes, Riddhima’s yes, give me permission and I will get her out of this house. The nurse cries. Kabir gets there.

She says I should talk to the nurse privately. Nanny holds Ishani’s hand. Ishani goes on. I want to tell you about myself, if you think I’m wrong, I’ll take Mum and get her out of this house. I’m walking the path of your son. He did a good job. He supported my Mum and gave her all the happiness.

I’m trying to do the same, I have help from home, I want to take responsibility for Ridhima and this house, even Vanash wanted it, I will take this responsibility, even if you think I am wrong, then give me a sign, I will walk away from this house, too far, do not be upset I want to find happiness at home, I can’t see you getting hurt. He thinks she got no meaning after this big drama. She looks at him and walks away.

Ridhima says whether or not the nurse reads the letter, she should have replied by now, I think she read the letter. The nurse arrives. She says Riddhima, you can marry Kabir. Ridhima is shocked. The nurse says I have no complaints if you are happy. Ridhima wondered why the nurse was saying this.

The nanny says Vansh has always been my son and you are his wife, but you cannot bear the burden of relationships forever, no need to clarify, I understand. She’s gone. Ridhima says that the nurse had to say no, how she said yes. Kabir comes with baked paper. He remembers what Aryan called her. The FB shows Aryan saying that Ribbima wrote a letter to the nanny, she wants the nanny to refuse the marriage.

Kabir goes and steps on the letter. After the nurse is gone he picks up the letter. FB ends. They make a mistake and then I have the ashes of a family member, not this paper, the family said yes, you said yes too, so now Riddhima, just three days, I will marry you. He sings mehendi laga ke rakhna…. They say three days is Imp, then the next Mahurat is not 6 months. She scolds him.

They say I am the one who can do whatever I want. He makes her look dupatta. He shows the Kabir ki Ridhima written on it. Wearing this dupatta, you are mine, the countdown has begun, from Mrs. Ridhima Wansch to Mrs. Riddhima Kabir, more than 72 hours later, I fill your name with Sindoor in your mang, you are completely mine. He goes. She thinks of his words. He says that I am Wunsch’s wife and will always be his wife, I have found a way to avoid this marriage. Ishq May Marjavan… .prayers… ..

Vihan checks in the door and sees Riddhima. He asks what happened now, the goons are after you again. They say I need your help. She shows him a picture of Wansh. They ask why you photoshopped my picture, I look so pretty in the beard. She says he is my husband Wansh Rai Singhania, I want you to take his look and help me, let us go inside, I will explain everything.

What he asks is, wansh, your late husband, how is it possible, it’s impossible, this beard and hair are different, now I understand, that’s why you were shocked to see me that day, you thought you had seen your husband’s past. She nods and asks if you do my job. They say they are not so sure, you are asking me to play a risky game, I mean I have found ways to make quick money, but this game is risky, just fighting games, everyone will know that I am not your husband, but their first copy. She says I’m ready to give you whatever you want. He turns around and laughs.

She says, and about becoming like Vansh, I’ll tell you his practice and train you, that’s my job. He says the proposal is interesting and tempting. They say don’t go the other direction. He asks what’s the catch, what’s your profit. They say this is not impulse you know, I tell you according to plan, tell me if you are willing, otherwise I will find some other way. She turns to go. He jokes about her attitude.

They say you know you need my face, Vihan is the only one in this world, I will tell you the price of my special face, 5 crores. She asks what. Maybe this job will be the last of my life, he says booking payment is 50 lakhs.

She asks how I get such a large sum. They say you can get it, my time is precious, if you don’t get the money in 24 hours, the deal is off. He goes to his chair. They close the door as they go, and they say I don’t like the cold. She’s gone. They say I am right or I am right. He laughs and drinks his coffee.

Ridhima comes home. She thinks of Vihan’s words. She looks at everyone and asks what all this is. Anupriya says you are preparing your Roka, come on, everyone is waiting for you. Kabir asks Riddhima to sit quietly. Anupriya says this house has lost a son, its only 40 days, we can’t do all the rituals, so we thought to do it, Pandit ji said that Mahurat is better today. She asks Ishani to give sweets to Rashima, Sia is not here to celebrate.

Ishani argues. I don’t consider Kabir my brother, if I could, I would throw these sweets and Kabir out of the VR mansion, sorry Daddy I can’t tolerate this drama. She’s gone. Kabir thinks that after this marriage, I will take revenge for my shame. Ridhima plans to take Vihan to VR Bhavan and make 50 lakhs.

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