Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupriya Chunri telling about the celebration

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupriya Chunri telling about the celebration

Anupriya Chunri telling about the celebration. Chunri dresses Kabir Riddhima. Ridhima remembers Wansh and cries. Angre angrily walks away. The nanny goes too. Vihan is doing the workout. I think I asked her to get a bigger sum, I think Ridhima is a lethal combination of brain and beauty, she will find some way out, I’m sure, I will exercise like this, tomorrow I will exercise with a bag of money, just 20 hours between me and 50 lacs. Kabir holds up Riddhima and says that I thought your sad tears are drying up so far. Anupriya says that you know our relationship is not love, and now that I am going to be your real sauce, I promise you will not be too much trouble.

She laughs and offers her sweets. Riddhima stops her. Anupriya says welcome to hell, Ridhima, you will get troubles, get ready from today. Riddhima goes on.She thinks to get Vihan, she needs 50 lakh to get him, I have to arrange the money. Kabir smiled. Ishani says I can’t tolerate more now. She gets a bottle of poison. Angre comes and asks if you are mad, how you can think about taking your life, you have a life. She is not mad to give my life, this poison is to Ridhima, I am checking whether anyone has changed it, I am not a life-giver, but I take life, Riddhima gives the life of vanesha, no one can take his place. Kabir comes to Riddhima’s room and says that your bridesmaids dress is here. He sees a bottle of poison on the floor.

He is shocked to see Ridhima and asks her to open her eyes. He reads her suicide note. He gets up, you can’t die. He listens to her breath and checks her pulse. He tells her she’s alive. She opened her eyes and smiled. He’ll be back. They say it’s nice to see you this way. It’s funny he asks. They say I’m giving you time now. She shows him a bottle of poison. She tells me I eat this poison at 9am.

He throws a bottle. Now he asks how you eat it. I have so many bottles that she can kill me anytime.He points the gun at her. They say you know what I can do. She says she’ll kill Nanny and Ishani, okay, once I die, I don’t care, this fear for as long as I live. She picks up the gun and points it at her head. My relationships die after I die, that fear dies, it is a great punishment to live as your wife, better to die than to be with you, I meet my wansh after death, where in the sky, we unite, everything ends, that fear… that power, your plan. They say you will do what I want. She has a condition for me, fine, I bet my life, I should get something in return.

He asks what it is. She does not say much, the family does not know the truth of Vanesha’s death, your mother and I have lied. I want to do something for his peace of mind, false FIR, charges should be removed from his name, ragini murder case, I also want its clearance Wunsh’s name should be swatch clean and clear, if you have any evidence and footage, you will take it in front of me in an hour and burn it to ashes. Clear, Wunsh is not alive, he will have peace, you will clear his criminal image.You think I do this on your own terms, ”he says. She shows him another bottle of poison. She says you will do it, you know I am not afraid of death now, you have 45 minutes now, I will not die alone, your dreams and intentions will die with me, your every wish will die, what to do. She’s gone. Ishani asks Angre to leave.

He says enough, sit down, you think about it, what is the result of it. She says it’s a very big game, Vanish died in an accident, then Sia’s accident … she drops poison. They say we don’t do anything to kill someone else, it’s a tough time for us, we have to be careful, we have to punish Wansch’s criminal. He gives her water. They say Wansh gets them justice, don’t worry. She hugs him and hugs him.Radhima waits for Kabir. Kabir gets a bag with him. She says good job. They lay the evidence. She asks for a chip. He gives it. She asks to burn it. He asks you to do it himself. You got it with a lot of hard work, you say you have to do it. He pours kerosene.

They say that no matter what you do, Vansh is already dead. She says but his family is alive, Vanash’s soul has peace. He lights the fire. The evidence is inflamed. He says it was a foolish attempt, Wansh is dead, he won’t be back. He’s gone. She had to do it, everything would change, a game would start, Kabir. She sits watching the burning evidence. She cries and thinks of Vansh. She lays a rose there. I wanted to save Ragini to prove you innocent, I did not succeed, today I got rid of all the false accusations that you need to do this with Vihan, otherwise Kabir would do the same with him. She remembers picking up Wansch’s watch.She hugs the clock and escapes Wansh. Kabir says she is your sign, it is more valuable to me than my life. Kabir thought he was the only player in this game, but now there is a new twist, the time when his evil intentions are burning. Kabir hits the punching bag and thinks about Riddhima.

Anupriya comes and stops him. She asks him to calm down. He said yes, I will not let Ridhima win, how she got this courage, she is hiding something from us, someone is giving her strength to stand against me, what it is, who it is, where this power is. He says calmly, we find out. Ridhima says I must do this for my family. She looks at the picture of Wansh. She wansh, I’m going to get the antidote to cut this poison, I’m going to Vihan’s house, you know I’m doing this for my family, I promise, I’m not going to let them become anything, please forgive me. She remembers Vihan’s words and leaves. Also Read Imlie 26th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (26/11/2020)

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