Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29 November 2020 Written Episode Update

Ridhima was in her room thinking to go to Vanesh. She wants to let him know how she really feels but is afraid. Ishani comes in and sits beside her

Ishani: Riddhima Are you all right?

Ridhima: Yes I’m fine. I was looking for Vanesha. Do you know where I can find him?

Ishani giggles a little: So that plan worked out. I should mostly lock you in his room (she smiles)

Ridhima: Ishani seriously..but thank you. (She smiles)

Ishani: Vansh Bhai is downstairs with the nanny (she gets up and laughs)

Riddhima walks out of her room and down the corridor. At the top of the stairs, she sees Anupriya talking on the phone and Wansh looks down. She walks up the stairs when she notices Anupriya sticking out of the blanket

Riddhima: Mammaji! Be careful ..

Anupriya does not listen to her and walks away. She travels on an uneven rug and is about to fall when she thinks someone will hold her hand. That is Ridhima. Riddhima turned her towards the safety of the top but she lost her balance and stopped halfway down the stairs. Anupriya horrified by “Riddhima!” That is.

Wansh and the nanny lift up, and see Riddhima on the stairs in a state of unconsciousness on the apriya. He rushes to Ridhima and checks if she’s okay. Vansh was the first in the scene and quickly picked her up to take her to his room.

In the Vansh room ..

Everyone is worried about Ridhima. Anupriya cries and Chankal tries to calm her down. She does not respond even though Vansh sprinkles some water on her face.

DANISH WANSH: I called the doctor. They should be here soon.

The Doctor walks with Aryan.
DOCTOR: Please go all out, I need a place to check on her. Only 1 person is allowed with her now

Nanny: Wansh can stay.

Vansh looks at the nanny and thanks her. Everyone walks out of the room and Wansh looks at Riddhima

WANSH THINK: Riddhima please ok, don’t leave me. I need you

The doctor broke his thoughts and said: She is out of danger but her arm is broken and she needs to be cast for a few days to heal. Please make sure she does not get any extra pressure and leave her alone.

VANSH: Thanks Doctor, when did she get up?

Physician: Tomorrow morning. I gave her an injection. Keep her warm and she’ll be fine all night.

He walks away.

Wansh goes and closes the door and goes back to Riddhima on the bed. He looked at her and noticed she was starting to tremble. He quickly took the blanket and covered her gently. Then he brushed her hair and said, “I..I love you”

Vansh keeps staring at her and grabs Riddhima’s hand and lies down on the floor beside the bed.

Meanwhile at Kabir’s house…

Kabir was in his room and thinking about Riddhima, he told her that he wanted to apologize and he would move on from her. He decides to go to her house the next morning.

In the Wansh room the next morning

Wansh is still asleep, holding Ridhima’s hand as she moves. He opened his eyes and noticed that Riddhima was still asleep. When Riddhima opened his eyes he hit her head again. She looked straight into his eyes and noticed the pain and sadness and love. They have an eyeball. Title song plays ..

Ridhima breaks eye contact and looks at her arm ..

Ridhima sighs a little: Whoa what happened to him? I don’t seem to remember much.

She tries to get up but her head is hurting and she has to sleep again. Vansh gently grabs her head and places a pillow behind her head.

VANSH: You fell down the stairs and were unconscious the whole night. We had to call the doctor and he said he broke your arm and needed to rest.

Ridhima was a little confused as she did not know what had happened. She can’t remember because her head is still in pain. She decided to relax again

Ridhima: Can we talk later? My heart is hurting.

WANSH: Yes. Come on, lie down and lie down

Vansh helps Riddhima get back on the bed and she closes her eyes to relax. He is getting up but Ridhima is holding his arm ..

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