Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhan Wansh thinking of her words

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhan Wansh thinking of her words. She falls to the bed. Vihan comes and takes care of her. He takes her medications out of the cupboard and gives her a pill. She says you remember the good shadi box. Someone will see.

Wansh says you didn’t care about yourself. She says I have lost faith in God, and when you come back, I understand that it is wrong to question the power of God. They say please, for my sake, take care. She says nothing is okay after you are gone, assure me that if Riddhima makes a decision, what she did wrong, you will fix everything and return my old family to me. He asks if I have denied you, I promise I will fix everything, which is why I came. He wipes her tears. She smiles. I want Sia to be fine, she says we will go and meet her. Take a break, I’ll meet Sia, she’ll be fine soon. He goes.

Ishani says this is your real place, you always deserve it, Wansh respected and loved you. She scolds Riddhima. Tomorrow you will get Witchcraft letters, sign the Witchcraft letters and get out of here, they say. She locks the door and Riddhima is very clever, locking imp. Shouting Ridhima Vihan, You have proved not to trust a stranger, Kabir and Vihan are inside the house, I am here, I must do something.

Vihan Sia, you should be fine, you must tell me who did this, I know that person is from this house. Kabir looks at him. You can grab this hand of Vihan Sia and get me out of my wheelchair, you can win this fight, your brother is waiting, you have to defeat this sickness for my sake. He sees a little shadow and says, “Wait and see, I’ll do whatever it takes to make you better.” He turns around. Kabir goes. Vihan smiled.

Angre says he is not Vansh. Ishani asks you to be mad. Angre says I spent more time with him, you don’t know many things, Vansch wanted to punish his mum’s killers, he had been trying it since he was 3 years old. She asks what. He was sorry, Ragini knew the murderer, Wansh kept her in a safe house, the killer killed her, the one who killed your mother did everything.

She shouts as Angre, why didn’t you tell us when we got the news of Wansh’s death, Wansh wanted to punish my mother’s killer, the killer was loose, you couldn’t do anything, I can’t tolerate my mother’s killer being free. He says you’re angry, why Wansh wasn’t angry, he’s got that guy home, he’s connected to everything. She said you are right, if he is not Vansh who is he.

Kabir breaks things. He’s not a real wansh, he’s a fake, he’s almost looked at me, Ridhima got a keen player, we have to be at our best. Anupriya recalls the nurse’s words. Maybe you drank Kabir and say, Wansh knows how small things are. He clearly trained Ridhima, we do this with secret agents, I did this with Ridhima. She confessed, why did he expel Riddhima, we are in the house today.

They are probably part of this plan, if they were a real wansh, they would let their enemies stay in their home. She asks what Wansh has told you, maybe he’s planning something big, nobody knows what he thinks, he wants to attack his enemies, I’m worried for you. They say your fear in your heart, no one is saved from falling down a cliff, this is just a duplicate. She says I can’t go wrong, he is WANSH.

He says well if you don’t want to believe it, but I’m saying it, he’s not Vansh, I know, its a cheater. My heart goes on to say that the person behind this had made an accident of Sia and Wansh, Kabir was sitting inside the house, I think I should have brought that person in front of everyone. Ishani asks why we are waiting. I know checking him out, wait, please calm down, ”says Angre.

Kabir says I found that bag when I got there. He remembers getting a bag of money. Riddhima sold her jewelry and got this money, she says I will put an end to your wisdom. FB ends. He says, I was trying to get rid of Ridhima, then Wansh’s entry happened, maybe her Plan B with her old uncle, maybe the guy wasn’t old. He opens the bag. He says we can get some proof of this. They show notes.

They say you mean it now, it’s not Vansh, they’re fake. Anupriya says that, once you get past the jail, we don’t care, to use your power, use the evidence against Wunsh, to end his game, be it Wunsh or whatever, what happened, true or fake. Go and arrest him. She says we can’t do this, Ridhima made a perfect plan, mother….

She asks what. He says it all. What she says, you burned the evidence, how can you do this, we have done enough to get it over the years, you are such a fool. She says enough, our game turns this way, I never dreamed we would lose, I thought Wansh was dead so if she burns the evidence better, don’t act like you’ve never done anything wrong, you and the family are making the same mistake.

He goes. He says time will show who is an idiot and who is smart. Vihan Wansh jumped on the bed to look at the room. They say it’s called the perfect room. He takes a glass of juice. They take a picture of Ridhima and some things were not in our contract, the thing is another thing, you have no idea who got you home. In the morning, Ridhima wonders why Vihan did it. She tells him why he doesn’t answer the calls. The servant comes to give them food. Ridhima stops and says… ..

Ridhima comes home wearing the sari of the woman / servant. Aryan asks how long did it take you to deliver the food at the Outh House, say something, you know I have to juice in time, leave it now, I have the juice, go and clean my room. Vihan comes. She removes the mask. Vihan looks at her. He stopped and cleaned my room before swatch clean, no problem, Aryan. Aryan says there is no trouble. He goes.

Riddhima comes into the room. She takes the tray and beats Vihaan. They ask why are you defeating me, I saved your plan. She asks who you are to get me out of my house. He says Wansh Rai Singhania. Saying stop acting. They say you wansh me, you told him he had a fire, if wansh forgave his wife this way, somebody doubts, I’m right.

I apologize and we decided that you would forgive me, you told me about the Witch Orceans, how do we fix this, I couldn’t sleep in that room. They wait, you need a back massage, its a bonus, no charge. They say stop the nonsense. He angrily catches her and says you hired me and paid me, but you can’t pay for my self-esteem, you haven’t bought me.

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