Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update Mishra checks for Vihan

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update Mishra checks for Vihan

The episode starts with Vihan Sindoor putting on a dress and Ridhima Mangalasutra. Ridhima apologizes to Wansh in her heart. Nanny thanks Bappa. She blesses Ridhima and Vihaana and hugs them. You both are imperfect for each other, always stay together, Riddhima says you should always put this sindoor, if you are together I will be fine and the family will be happy. Riddhima nodded.

Vihan holds her hand. He takes her away. Kabir looks up. Radhima Kabir says, your name will never be found in Sindoor Na Mang. Kabir hopes that I will reveal the real face of that copy soon, and then you will collapse before the world, you have allowed him to fill your mango with Sindoor, wait a little.

Kabir Vihan comes home and tells him who he is, he suddenly comes and disappears, Riddhima… he kicks Dustbin. Some things fall down. Kabir checks in and gets the alphabet. He tries to make a name and Wansh says…. Wansh was right here. He gets more alphabetical.He says he did Vihan and played the Riddhima game, which has just been revealed. Ridhima remembers what happened. They say this is part of the deal, I just wansh. Vihan comes and says yes Ridhima, you are mine. She turns and looks at him. She laughs and says Wansh.

Ishq May Marjavan… .prayers…. She asks him to take off Wansh’s clothes. I came here to play the character of Wansh, who says I wear their clothes. She’s not, I’m not going to let this happen, its a Wunsch cloth, I’ll get clothes for you, I’ll wanna meet you, I’ll meet your needs, you won’t touch Wansch’s stuff, you’re not Wansh, its a coincidence to have his face, you can never be Wansh, You can’t even understand him.

She listens to the clock. He says please, why do I think you show love on mere words, but there is no love in your heart, it’s cheating. She asks what you mean. They say your husband died, you’ve got a fake husband, you’re cheating on your whole family. Someone will see.They say you are a big player, have you played such a game with your original husband. Riddhima raises his hand. He grabs her hand and grabs her. They say I’m afraid of slap, not love, just love next time.

I am convinced if you speak lovingly, I am really jealous of your wansh. She beats him and tells him not to do this again. They say it’s not bad, it’s better to work with you, its you, I and Wansch’s memories. He smiles and walks away. I know she’s so smart, I find out what’s going on in your mind, I have to tolerate you, I’m helpless.Kabir stops Riddhima and holds her hands. Her bracelets break. She asks if you are in your senses. He leaves her hand. He says I didn’t know you would do such a great job. They wihn with bangles. She wonders how he knew Vihan’s truth. They say you got Vihan as Wansh. She asks who Vihan is, which I don’t know.

They stop it, don’t act as an oversmart, their names are similar. Tell him he’s Vihan, okay. They say I’m not afraid. He’s fine, let the drama go on for much longer, but Riddhima, this fog will soon be gone, my men will dig the truth in 15 minutes, I will have proof. She thinks I should go to Vihani and tell him. She sees Vihan talking to the nurse. Kabir comes and says Wansh, I want to know how you saved after falling off that cliff. Vihan tells the story of goons attack and car accident. Kabir scolds him. Mishra checks for Vihan. They got me Vihan’s place, Vihan’s picture is now finished, I’ll send all the information to Kabir. Kabir gets the message and pictures.

Reebima thinks Kabir is laughing, which means he got Vihan proof, I lost my fight. Kabir Dadi says, I have to show you something. They show the picture. This is clear. The man is someone else. Vihan is worried. He asks who he is. Kabir checks the clear picture and is shocked. Ridhima thinks thanks to god, Vihan has deleted his data from the internet. She remembers her words.

Kabir asks what happened, you seem to have lost something, I’ll get water for you. Kabir says its okay. Stop Ridhima Kabir, you think you have told the Wansh fake story, this is the story told by Anupriya, they believe in uniting the family, they know the meaning of the family, otherwise they never saved you, remove this suspicion, if they know Wansh, Anupriya and your truth Can’t imagine what he’ll do with you. Kabir goes.

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