Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th December 2020 Written Update: Vihan playing basketball on the field

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th December 2020 Written Update: Vihan playing basketball on the field

The series begins with Vihan playing basketball on the field. Ridhima comes and scolds for accepting the challenge. Vihan says that when the basketball match is on TV, I change the channel. Ridhima scolds him even more as he is the master of the game. She asks him to pick her first for the team because she knows she can play a little bit and cope.

Kabir comes in and asks how long she can handle alone and suggests that he should at least have chosen the best partner for the game. Now the truth is sure to come out.

The toss happens and Kabir wins it. He chooses Ridhima and asks if Vihan does mind. He replies that there is no. Ridhima thinks she’s answering that she can only handle the game. She’s sure she’s gone. Vihan Angre chooses. The latter asks Ishani to keep an eye on Wansh.

The game begins. Chanchal is keeping score. Every ten minutes, the leader of the main team can choose to send a competitor from a rival team. Rihima deliberately tries to play weak so Vihan can get the ball, but Vihan does not catch it so Kabir takes it and scores. However, after the first two points, Vihan continues to score. After the first ten minutes he sends Arya, then Rudra and then Kabir.

Only Ridhima remains against Vihan and Angre. The Dadi cheers for Ridhima, who continues to score and sends Angre out. Ridhima is out to score when Vihan touches her hips and she remembers the Wansh touch.

She wonders how Vihan is similar to Wansh but she thinks he can’t be Wansh because he is an intelligent money minder. She’s about to slip but Vihan grabs her by the waist and tells her it’s just a bonus for her pretty face. They start the game again. The points are equal.

Kabir wonders how he can learn all the moves throughout the night. Aryan asks her to leave because she is playing like a professional. Kabir asks for a typical move by Wansh. Wansh can play with both hands as Aryan tells him. Kabir throws a little ball at the playground and Vihan hurts his hand.

The Dadi worries and asks him to stop playing but Vihan insists on playing and adds that Kanbir Wansh can play with both hands. Ridhima is worried but Vihan plays the other side and wins the match. Ridhima was surprised. Ishani and Angre’s suspicions are overcome and the former embraces Vihan and congratulates him.

Later, Ridhima tries to heal Vihan’s injured arm but he reveals that he was just acting and his arm was fine. She questions whether she’s playing well with both hands when she doesn’t say that Wansch can use both of her hands and play basketball more. Vihan pulls her close and calls her sweetheart. She remembers the same moment with Wunsh. Vihan whispers that he is her wansh. Ridhima growled.

Vihan starts laughing away at her, it is so easy to make fun of her. They say they are a hacker and they can get whatever information they want. He did his homework well. Ridhima says some pranks break the heart. Vihan replies that her heart rate has come so fast.

Vihan then turns serious and says that Angre was checking him through the match. Ridhima says he passed by with flying colors and no one except Kabir should have doubted him now. Vihan put a finger to her lips and whispered that someone was keeping an eye on them.

He throws a small ball in the corridor off the playground, and Ridhima realizes that he is okay with the sound of the ball disappearing a few seconds later. They say they need to be careful. Vihan says he has a problem.

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