Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th October 2020 Written Update: Ridhima gets a clue about Ragini

Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th October 2020 Written Update: Ridhima gets a clue about Ragini

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The episode begins with Kanbir telling Ridhima that she fully believes that Wansh cannot take anyone’s life and she needs no proof to believe him. Whether it be Ishani, Aryan, Chanchal or Anupriya, they say the whole family is full of their own motives: they look after the Vansh as family but they do terrible things with their names. She says Wansh only has a pure heart, except for Sia and Dadi.

Kabir asks if he now trusts Wansh more. Ridhima replies that she is not making any comparisons but explaining to him that he cannot always be right. She tells him that she must live her life for him, to know the truth of Vanessa, and now that she knows something. This time if she gets nothing against Wansh, she ends the mission here, then she announces that she is starting a new beginning. She asks Kabir to stop calling her constantly because she does not want anyone to know her truth. She doesn’t want to play this game anymore. She cuts the call.

Later, Anupriya calls with Kabir and tells him that she brought Ridhima home to help him but they are escalating their problems. She has heard the conversation of Kabir and Ridhima. Ridhima is sure to love Wansh and says that if they don’t prove Wansh guilty, the core of his mission will be destroyed.

In the evening, Dadi makes Aarti and wonders where Anupriya, Sia and Ridhima are. The second is in her room, connecting the plate to Aarti. Chunari flies away and Ridhima chases it.

Wansh, on the other hand, tells Siyal that Ridhima does not believe in himself and that this lack of trust has left a rift between them. He says they need to make a decision about their relationship. Sia asks what she wants to do. The nurse prays that the relationship of Vansh and Ridhima should remain intact.

Ridhima chases the elephant flying to the backyard near the Ragini statue. She says she needs to bring a new election since it has come down. She looks at the statue of Ragini and tells him that Wansch really loved her, just as she loved her betrayed mother. She promises that Ranini will bring out her truth and expose the real culprit as she believes Wansh is innocent. She remembers all the moments where Vansh showed concern for her. She knows it will not be easy but is eager to reach her goal as she cannot start a new beginning until Ragini gets justice. She is sure Mata Rani will help her.

The nurse is still doing Aarti. She sees Sia and Anupriya come but Ridhima is missing. Ridhima removes the image below the statue and feels like there is something there. She checks a memory card underneath the statue. She wonders what might be on the chip and whether it has anything to do with Ragini’s truth.

The nurse wonders why Ridhima has yet to come up with a wedding sign to donate to Mata Rani. Ridhima comes. The nurse asks her to give it all. Ridhima does it and then, everyone leaves one by one.