Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th December 2020, Written Episode Update

Wansh sh-ocking revelation Ridhima learns a great truth that moves with her legs. Kabir finds another way to check on Vihan and prove him to be Wansh. He wants to know how Vihan manages to hide his identity when he proves himself wrong in front of the whole family. Knowing that Vansh is the best player, he proposes a basketball match.

He wants to show the family that Vihan is a poor player, not a Vansh, and a viewer who has replaced Vansh with the goodwill of the property.Kabir tells Vihan that if he loses it will be difficult for his family to answer. He wants to make the game more difficult for Vihan. Ridhima knows what Kabir is trying to achieve. She does not want to lose Vihan, otherwise the family will surely know that Vihan is not Vansh. She’s too scared to watch the match.

Vihan and Kabir face off in a basketball match. They have great competition. Kabir tries to ruin Vihan. He does evil plan as Vihan falls down. Vihan drops the ball by stepping on the ball. The Kabir project works well. Vihan falls on his right hand and gets injured. The nanny worries for her grandson. She asks Kabir to stop the competition right away. She doesn’t want to play by hurting each other.

Kabir urges Dadi to continue till the end of the game to have a winner. He is a Wansch ambiguous, he can play well with both his hands, and with his right hand painted, Wansh can play and win with his left hand.

He challenges Vihan to show his skill and win. Vihan surprisingly plays with his left hand and wins the match, a shock to Kabir, Angre and Ridhima. These three just know that Wansch is the master of the game and can win with his left hand. Vihan convinces him that Wansh. Riddhima planted him in the family.

She grows curious to know if he knows the game well, and if not, how he managed to play it. Vihan makes a big revelation. He reveals the fact that Wansh. Ridhima is shocked by the shocking revelation. How does she deal with the truth? Will Vihan adhere to the confession of Wansh or change his words to deceive her again? Continue reading and comment to express your views on the show.

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