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Welcome to SportsStar’s live coverage of the ISL 2020-21 match between FC Goa and ATK Mohan Bagan in Goa on Sunday.

46 ‘Edu Garcia hits the goal from a distance and the ball goes over the bar.

46 ‘ATKMB going on in the second half.

In the second half

Half the time. Both teams go at level during the break. Goa is extremely dangerous but the ATKMB has kept the home side at arm’s length. Both teams hit the crossbar without disturbing the scorers.

45 ‘+ 2’ McHugh can’t redirect his header across the goal and that’s the last act of the half.

45 ‘+ 2’ Donachi Sahil can’t handle lungs properly. No yellow card though. ATKMB freak in Goa half.

Bedia meets Brandon’s free kick in the 45 ‘+ 1’ box but he can’t get it on target.

Two minutes of extra time.

43 ‘That’s not Nogura! A rare bug in Spain. He gets the ball to the left and he ends up going horribly off his cross and ends up being a goalkeeper.

[40] McHugh cut Ortiz but the referee gave Goa an advantage. Brandon plays it to Romario, whose volley is directly across the Arindam.

The ball is looped high into the air from the header before giving the ATKMB a foul against the 39 ‘corner, and Bose.

37 ‘Handball against Nogarua in the half of Mohan Bagan.

[35] FC Goa have made some progress in the past few games. Some passing and movement from back to front is great. Ferrando hopes this passing could translate into goals against ATKMB.

31 ‘Water break was taken.

30 ‘Wow. Goa is the best! The patient moves the ball from left to right before Nogura throws the ball back to find the running of fullback Seriton. The cross of the Indians is diverted from the bosom and clips a crossbar before clearing.

Bedia is right to continue. Four shots each for both teams with just one shot aimed at the piece.

27 ‘Corner for ATKMB. Get out of the crossbar and stay out! Garcia is an outsider and Bose meets it and bounces it off the bar! Jingan collides with Bedia inside the box and gets medical attention.

[23] Nogura picks up the ball near the center circle and runs to the edge of the ATKMB box before the left leg strikes. But his shot is wide.

19 ‘Ortiz has a shot from distance from the target but Arindam covers it.

The 18 ‘superb provided by Edu Garcia to pick Prabhir with the ball behind Goa’s defense. Prabir’s first time, Naveen is down to catch the Walid effort!

[16] Ortiz leads Brandon’s Inning free kick over the bar!

In the first 15 minutes, FC Goa had 15 ’60 percent possession. Kotel parcels on Brandon on the left.

A long ball to the left for the 10 ರಕ್ಷ savior and he plays it for the Pritz, who sets Noguera on the edge of the box. His shot flies across the narrow width of the far post!

8 ‘Corner for ATKMB. Edu Bedia’s crucial interception from the corner to launch the Goa counter-attack. Nogura creates space for Romario, crossing from the left when Ortiz and Arindam collide with each other. The referee offers a free kick on behalf of ATKMB.

6 ‘Clearance from Donachie drops Williams’ path, his shot blocked 25 yards out!

Three minutes and ATKMB has three shots so far.

2 ‘ATKMB ball hits the pitch from a height and McHugh tees up Edu Garcia, whose long range effort flies one meter above the bar.

1 ‘FC Goa starts things off at Fatorda.

The first half

7.24 pm: Goa and ATK depart to Mohan Bagan. ATKMB stands in line with its black distance kits.

7pm: Three changes to ATKMB. Manveer, Martins, Javi Hernandez – .t. Prabhir, SK Sahil, McHugh – IN

6.50 pm: FC Goa have named the unchanged XI in their win over Jamshedpur FC. That means there is no Igor Angulo for the second straight game. Juan Ferrando said the striker had been ill for two days before the JFC tie, which dropped him from the bench to a mere guest appearance. Did Ferrando pick George Ortiz’s direct run and pace against the stubborn defense of the ATKMB?

6.30pm: There is team news

FC Goa XI (4-2-3-1)

Naveen Kumar; Seriton Fernandez, James Donachi, Evan Gonzalez, Savior Gamma; Lenny Rodriguez, Edu Bedia; Alexander Jesuraj, Alberto Nogura, Brandon Fernandez; George Mendoza Ortiz

ATK Mohan Bagan XI (3-5-2)

Arindam Bhattacharza; Preetam Kotal, Thiri, Sandesh Jingan; Prabir Das, Carl McHugh, Edu Garcia, SK Sahil, Subhashish Bose; David Williams, Roy Krishna

6pm: Here’s how the two teams line up:

FC Goa XI (4-2-3-1)

Naveen Kumar; Seriton Fernandez, James Donachi, Evan Gonzalez, Savior Gamma; Lenny Rodriguez, Edu Bedia; Alexander Jesuraj, Brandon Fernandez, George Mendoza; Igor Angulo

ATK Mohan Bagan XI (3-5-2)

Arindam Bhattacharza; Preetam Kotal, Thiri, Sandesh Jingan; Prabir Das, Carl McHugh, Javi Hernandez, Jayesh Rane, Subhashish Bose; David Williams, Roy Krishna

5.45pm: From the domination of Mumbai City and ATK Mohan Bagan to the sacking of Carles Kudrath in Bangalore FC, our correspondents Ashin Prasad and Shyam Vasudevan speak on all matters in the latest issue of our full-time show.

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