It’s easy to buy shares of companies like Google and Apple, know what the rules are

If you want to invest money in the US stock market, you don’t have to run much about it. Now any Indian can easily buy shares in companies like Apple, Tesla and Google. The Reserve Bank of India has relaxed a bit on trading in the US stock market. Let us understand how you can easily trade in the US stock market.

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A platform where you can invest money

Stackal is a very popular medium in India, including the Middle East. This means a large number of people are investing money in the US stock market. Stackal Bharat has entered into an agreement with Digital Stock Broking. In addition, Scrippbox, a tool for investing in US equity-based mutual funds, recently announced that the company, in partnership with Stackal, has begun investing in the US stock market. With this new service, one offers the option of investing in US exchanges and ETFs.

Last year, MK Global Financial Services also signed a deal with Stackal. It can also invest in the US stock exchange. Fintech firm Cube Wealth also made a similar partnership with Stackal in 2019. Kuevara also offers a stock purchase facility on its app.

Know the RBI rules before investing money on the US stock exchange

As per the rules of the Reserve Bank of India, no Indians will have to pay up to Rs. Under US rules, investors must complete a KYC with a birth certificate, proof of address and a scanned copy of the PAN.

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