Jackie Shroff trolls on Capricorn delivering message of saving birds, People said – Why is Hindus only advised

Actor Jackie Shroff tweeted during the Capricorn to message people to save the bird. But, because of this message, he’s been trolling on Twitter. Many users have asked the question of whether to eat chicken or mutton. In addition, some have attacked Jackie Shroff and asked why he was giving such advice about the festival of Hindus. During the Capricorn, there have been instances of flying kites in many states of the country, causing birds to get in the door and die many times.

Jackie Shroff probably tweeted about this trend of flying kites, which he is trolling. In addition to writing a hashtag called Save Birds and Capricorn, Jackie Shroff also shared a picture in which a sparrow is sitting in his arms and looking at him. At the same time, some people advised him to be a vegan. One user responded to the trolls by saying, “For your information, tell us Jackie Shroff is a born vegetarian.”

Tell us why Jackie Shroff has been away from movies for so long. However their son Tiger Shroff and his daughter Krishna Shroff are active in the film industry. Jackie Shroff is best known for his films Ram Lakhan, Parinda, Rangeela, Agni Sakshi, Yadan, Mission Kashmir, Teri Mehrabanian, Khalnayak, Gardish. Please tell us that Jackie Shroff also won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for the movie Parinda. Khalnayak also won the Best Supporting Actor award. He has done a lot of work on the small screen, not just the pictures.