Jammu Kashmir: Chief Organizer of Congress Seva Dal, Sadhouta said- Mir is in front of strengthening Congress

The Congress Seva Dal has praised the Working Committee’s decision to retain Sonia Gandhi as interim president. Chief organizer of Seva Dal Jammu and Kashmir, Rajesh Sdhautra, expressed full loyalty to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Pradesh Congress Committee President GA Mir, saying that in this time of challenges, no one should be involved in anti-party activities. He said that the state head GA Mir is taking important steps to strengthen the Congress in Jammu and Kashmir. He carries every leader and worker together. The Congress has strengthened under his leadership.

All allegiance to Sonia Gandhi was expressed in the meeting held at the party headquarters today under the chairmanship of Sadhutra. He said that Sonia Gandhi had taken over the reins of the Congress in difficult times and now once again there are many challenges which she can overcome. Not only this, Sadhota said that if the national president elections are held in the party, then the Seva Dal wants to see Rahul Gandhi on that post as well. He said that Rahul Gandhi is making a lot of efforts to strengthen the base of the party.

Apart from the state Congress, he further strengthened other organizations of the party including Congress Seva Dal, Rajiv Gandhi Brigade, NSUI. He said that when he took command of the party in his own hands, then he paid attention to these organizations. As a result of this, today these parties are making every contribution in strengthening the State Congress. Sdhouta also told the party workers that he should continue to work as before for strengthening the party by not getting involved in political trouble.

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