Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe may resign today, intestinal disease for a long time

Tokyo Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe can announce his resignation on Friday. Japanese media national broadcaster NHK quoted sources as saying that Shinzo Abe has been ill for a long time, he was also admitted to the hospital shortly before. For this reason, they are unable to concentrate on work. His term is till September 2021.

65 years old, has gone to the hospital twice within a week. Japan’s stock market has collapsed amid speculation about Shinzo Abe’s resignation. In recent times, Abe’s popularity has also decreased by about 30 percent due to not being able to handle Corona virus properly. Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party is battling allegations of several scams these days.

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Shinzo, who has been battling intestinal disease, has ulcerative colitis for a long time. There is swelling in the intestine. Due to the same illness, Shinzo had to resign in 2007, a year after becoming Prime Minister for the first time. Now they keep their disease under control by regular treatment. Earlier, there was no proper cure for this disease. In this disease, there is a possibility of worsening the situation by not eating properly and taking stress.

According to Japanese media, on August 18, when Shinzo Abe was taken to the hospital due to ill health, his checkup continued for about seven hours. Meanwhile, many kinds of things came up in the media, but later a statement was issued by the PMO that Abe is fine. Earlier in 2007, Shinzo Abe took a break for some time, then it was the early days of his Prime Minister’s term.

Last Monday, Shinzo Abe completed 8 years in his office, after which he became the longest-serving Prime Minister of Japan. Prior to this, former Prime Minister Tara Katsura has held this post for a long time. He became the Prime Minister on this post three times between 1901 and 1913.

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