Jeff Bezos, the world’s first man with a wealth of $ 200 billion, Elon Musk also increased wealth

The wealth of Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, has crossed the $ 200 billion mark. In Indian currency, it is about 14859.30 billion rupees. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Bezos’ wealth also increased as Amazon’s shares reached record highs on Wednesday and became the world’s first person with $ 200 billion in assets.

Meanwhile, shares of Tesla Inc have risen to $ 101 billion in wealth from the company’s founder, Elon Musk. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg joined the $ 100 billion club in the beginning of August. His wealth increased by $ 8.5 billion on Wednesday.

The wealth of the top 500 rich increased by $ 809 billion
Let us know that this year the wealth of 500 richest people of the world has increased by $ 809 billion. While the world-wide coronavirus epidemic has caused a record decline in GDP and employment for millions of people, the wealth of the 500 top rich has increased 14 percent since January. Elon Musk’s wealth has increased by $ 73.6 billion this year. At the same time, Bezos’ wealth has increased by $ 87.1 billion.

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Mukesh Ambani’s wealth increased by $ 22.5 billion
Tech businessmen of America alone are not the only ones whose wealth has increased drastically. Mukesh Ambani of India became the first Asian to join the top 5 rich people of the world this month. This year his net worth rose by $ 22.5 billion (about Rs 1671.67 billion). The biggest reason behind this was the recent investment made by companies like Facebook and Silver Lake in the tech business of their company Reliance Industries. At present, Mukesh Ambani is the 7th richest man in the world and has assets of $ 81.1 billion.

China’s arbabati is also not behind
This year, the wealth of Tech Billionaires of China has also increased. Tencent Holdings Ltd. The wealth of CEO Pony Ma increased by $ 16.6 billion this year and now his wealth is $ 55.2 billion. Alibaba Group Holding Limited’s Jack Ma and NetEase Inc. William Ding’s wealth rose to over $ 12 billion. After this, the total assets of both have increased to $ 58.9 billion and $ 30.8 billion respectively.

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