Jeff Bezos’ wealth surpasses $ 200 billion, the world’s first person to make it Amiri’s CEO, Amazon

Due to the Corona epidemic, there are conditions of economic recession all over the world and big economies are going through a crisis. But meanwhile, the wealth of Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has been steadily increasing. On Wednesday evening, he became the first person in the world to earn $ 200 billion in assets. By converting the assets of Jeff Bezos into Indian rupees, he owns a huge wealth of Rs 14,86,600 crore. On August 26, Amazon’s share price rose 2.3% to $ 3,423 per share, after which Bezos’ assets reached $ 200 billion.

According to a Forbes report dated August 27, 2020, Jeff Bezos owns $ 204.6 billion in assets. His wealth is about $ 90 billion more than Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world. Microsoft chief Bill Gates owns $ 116.1 billion in assets. According to The Wrap report, Bezos has more assets than companies such as Nike, Pepsi and McDonald’s. The assets of these three companies are estimated to be between $ 139 billion and $ 191 billion.

Amazon’s stock has risen by 80% since the beginning of this year. Bezos owns about 11% in Amazon, which holds 90% of his wealth. It can be gauged how big a company Amazon has become. In addition to Amazon, Jeff Bezos also owns the American newspaper Washington Post, the aerospace company Blue Origin.

Apart from this, he also has a stake in several private investments. If Jeff Bezos had not gone through the world’s largest divorce settlement in 2019, Bezos would have already become the owner of $ 200 billion in assets. Bezos divorced his wife, McKenzie Scott, on July 5, forcing her to negotiate a $ 38 billion Divorce settlement. It is also the largest divorced settlement in history.

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