Jonty Gaming’s Free Fire ID, stats, rank, income, and most-watched videos (February 2022)

Jonty Gaming’s Free Fire ID, stats, rank, income, and most-watched videos (February 2022) Ajay Saini, or Jonty Gaming, is a leading free fire content creator and sports athlete from India. Janty Gaming is one of the most popular professional players in the Indian Free Fire community. There are so many players and creators who have made their name through the game.

Jonty has his own YouTube channel where he posts videos like tips and tricks, games and more. Jonty Gaming is a popular free fire content creator. This player started his gaming career a long time ago. YouTube’s official channel currently has 2.92 million subscribers. The real name of Jonty Gaming is Ajay Saini, he hails from Rohini, Delhi, he is a Professional Gamer, YouTuber, Esports Player, Vlogger and Content Creator.

Jonty Gaming’s Free Fire ID

Jonty Gaming’s Free Fire ID is 180830489.

Jonty Gaming’s Free Fire stats

Jonty gaming has 699 wins from the 4819 singles he has played, with a headshot rate of 33.90%. The number of murders he recorded in this system is 14457, which gives him a 3.51 death rate. Playing in 2083 doubles, he scored 502 points, resulting in a 17.73% headshot rate of 6757 frames with a K / D ratio of 4.27. Team: Jonty Gaming has won 6587 games in 17751 games in team games. He has 57938 homicides and a 19.50% headshot rate with a 5.19 K / D ratio.

Jonty Gaming has played 4225 individual games and has 654 wins, which translates to a 15.47% success rate. He has amassed 12318 homicides in these matches, with a K / D ratio of 3.45.

Jonty Gaming’s Free Fire rank

In Ranked Season 25, Jonty played in 145 team games and won 58 games with a 40.00% winning percentage. Ajay had 561 murders with a K / D ratio of 6.45. Also, Jonty has played seven doubles games and has five hits at a K / D ratio of 0.71.

Jonty has played in 145 ranking matches in the gaming system and has been unbeaten in 58 games. He received 561 frags for a K / D ratio of 6.45.

He has featured in seven doubles rankings and has yet to win his first win in the 25th season of the series. He has a K / D ratio of 0.71 with five deductions.

Ajay has beaten his opponents in only one individual ranking match out of the four he has played. He successfully eliminated 11 enemies to maintain a kill-to-death ratio of 3.67.

According to many social media sites, Jonty Gaming’s monthly income can be around $ 220 and $ 3.5K. So, these are all about the Creator.

Jonty Gaming’s income

According to SocialBlate site, Jonty Gaming’s monthly income from YouTube ranges from $ 2200 to $ 3.500, as well as his annual income from $ 2.600 to $ 42.200.

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